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"I'm in love."

Caitlin thanks her, and picks up her wedding announcements, and leaves. Off into the new world. Into the new shape.

Alicia: "I'm sorry I wasn't a great mentor, Caitlin..."
Caitlin: "You were a great mentor. Thank you."

And the thing is that she was. But this story -- this show -- isn't about teaching Caitlin. It's about teaching Alicia.


They're sitting at a long table when Colin Sweeney arrives, with his son Stanton in tow. And can I just say, I noticed it at the beginning of the hour, and I'm aware that I am baby crazy at this point in time, but seriously this is maybe the most beautiful child in the entire universe. It's like him, and then the little girl from Raising Hope, and then everybody else. He's like a pint-size Don Grady, I don't know where they got him.

Actually, I know exactly where they got him. They brought the kid into the casting office and whoever was standing there got one look and was like, "Yep. Yeah. Yes, we will be employing that child. Here is some money. Don't go anywhere."

Colin: "So yeah, here's the affidavit my new friend Isobel has signed that says Gerald paid her to steal my blowjob sperm and impregnate herself with this beautiful kid right here, so now we are incredibly rich."
David Lee: "Cool, and meanwhile we have our 5%. A $20 million stake in a publicly offered company. So we're good."

(Are we good? Is that the end of the interminably come-and-go "Lockhart is drying up" story that never seems to count until it does? Because I kind of liked watching Diane scramble on that stuff because she's so good at it.)

Alicia: "And now the two of you are raising a kid? I mean, I'm glad the two of you have reached an amicable arrangement. But are you sure you're ready for this?"

She cares, ha. I mean, she cares always, but I love it when she worries about how far Colin Sweeney is capable of going.

Mr. Sweeney: "What, being a dad? Oh, sure. How hard could it be? I'll call if I need any child-rearing advice, hmm?"

Creepy motherfucker probably would, too.


Peter: "So, everything's squared away?"
Cary: "Not exactly. Sir, per your request that I notify you of all violations of the anti-fraternization policy, and in the spirit of full disclosure..."
Peter: "Stop right there. We found the witch. Just let it go."
Cary: "Nope! I dated Dana Lodge."
Peter: "Timeframe?"
Cary: "Broke up after I demoted her, by about a millisecond."
Peter: "Okay, well, thanks for telling me."
Cary: "Cool, I'll justnnnngah no, can't do it. Sir, they are onto us. That thing we're not doing? They noticed we're doing it. You have to punish me."
Peter: "Cute. Yeah, you're a good guy. Whatever."
Cary: "No, I mean like you have to. Geneva Pine."

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