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Eli: "He's ... weird with you."
Alicia: "Uh, yeah. Yeah, he is."


Grace: "We're getting evicted! We'll be homeless! I may turn to the church, or tribadism, for emotional succor! The world is ending!"
Zach: "Oh my God, no we're not. We're going condo, and we have 90 days to decide. It happens all the time. The guy is standing right here. Jesus, Grace."
Mr. Pedrono: "I own the building, I'm selling it, and I am super sleazy. Allow me to re-spin the eviction conversation into a wonderful opportunity for you to get in over your head with a mortgage! Your husband agrees!"
Alicia: "Uh..."
Mr. Pedrono: "Home ownership is not a scam!"
Alicia: "You talked to Peter?"
Mr. Pedrono: "Yeah, like a total year ago. Anyway, buy your apartment in 90 days or you're out on your ass! Isn't that marvelous?"
Alicia: "Get the hell out of my house and stop scaring my kids, and I will call you later, okay?"
Mr. Pedrono: "My coke dealer won't wait all day, Mrs. Florrick!"

Kalinda: "Will you talk to me today?"
Alicia: "Only because I'm distracted. What's going on?"
Kalinda: "I was spying on Drescher's legal team and they said they just moved 36,800 shares to Drescher's side of the ledger, which is weird because I thought we had everybody on lock."
Alicia: "That figure doesn't ring any bells for me either."


Caitlin: "Guys, hold up. Who's got 36,800 shares? Nobody can remember that one."
Alicia: "I can't either. I think it's okay for you to ask Will about this particular thing."

Richard Gilmore: "Will, let's recap your sabbatical storyline until Caitlin comes in."
Will: "Sounds good. So I can only involve myself in matters of business, past strategy in ongoing cases, and..."
Caitlin: "Excuse me, I have a question about the proxy fight?"
Will: "Can I answer that question, Lionel?"
Lionel: "I don't know, let's talk about it for one million years."

(They do, with Caitlin doing a pee dance the whole time, but really it's just an awkward and not very sophisticated setup for Caitlin to show us her brilliance, ability to properly walk ethical lines, value to the firm, etc. But since the question is fairly straightforward it's more a narrative shell game than anything else -- and without the charm of a "look at all this paper!" to give it the triumphant punch it needs. This episode is solid in a lot of ways -- very internal and emotional, with some grand arcs and real surprises -- but the Sorkinium is not flowing the way the show seems to think it is, so they all just come off kind of dumb in these scenes.)

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