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They sign off amicably; Eli's glad to see it -- it's nice, actually -- and calls Peter immediately after.

Eli: "I was going to call you anyway, because we've got trouble, but can I just say how cute you guys are on the phone?"
Peter: "Eli, stop scheming. What's the deal?"
Eli: "The Cook Countienne [No.] blog says a couple of ASAs fucked on your office couch three nights ago."
Peter: "Gross me out, Eli..."
Eli: "Nope. Sexual corruption in Peter Florrick's State's Attorney's office is the number one kryptonite of a campaign that is dying on the vine. Fix this. Hard."

Diane: "Tenley update. They'll come back to us if he gives them another seat on the board..."
Alicia: "No problem."
Diane: "...And no more drama. Drescher got them playing the Colin Sweeney Is A High-Maintenance Crazy Person card."
Alicia: "I'm sorry, you're asking me to guarantee he won't act nutty or do something awful?"
Diane: "Yes. For the next five minutes."
Alicia: "You say that like it's not still a huge gamble."

Colin: "[Charming podium talk.]"

Alicia: "Yeah, he's good at this. I'd probably vote for him, even."
Diane: "You're doing a great job. And thanks for dealing with him. I know your ambivalence toward him is generally a sign that you're going to lose your shit at some point in the episode, because he's a living embodiment of your existential terror that there is no compass, moral or otherwise..."
Alicia: "Yeah, it's fine. I like him. Hey, though. Can we talk about giving me a raise? I'm getting evicted, and you lied to me at the end of last season that I was on the partner track thanks to my crumbling political marriage..."
Diane: "I know you're uncomfortable with situations like this, because you were raised a proper woman who is terrified of being rude or discussing money, so I'll let it slide this time, but the fact is that it's actually inappropriate for you to bring it up right this second. Ironically enough."
Alicia: "As if I wasn't already worried about our dubious relationship. Come on, Alicia! Keep it together."

Random Morena Baccarin Sighting: "I am Isobel Swift, an executive event planner and former softcore porn star..."
Alicia: "Here we go. Drama. Three..."
Swift: "... Whom you've been sexually harassing forever..."
Colin: "Two..."
Kal-El: "There it is."

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