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Kalinda: "I'll track down the connection, but Alicia? Watch out for her. My nose for secrets tells me she's got secrets."
Alicia: "Please don't feed into my paranoia. She's just hungry."
Kalinda: "Like pirahna hungry. You can't trust women. Only me. You need friends. Friends that are women. Not her."
Alicia: "I'll act super sketchy and paranoid around her, then. I was going to anyway."

It's hurtful to characterize it that way, but knowing what we know by the end -- how the Danger Of Caitlin has been a collection of red herrings and shadows from the start that say more about Alicia, and us, than they do about Caitlin -- this scene is only there as another red herring. More grist for the case we're building against her, because Kalinda is infallible; never moreso than when it's about survival. And that's the tricky part:

It could be anybody saying it, but it's Kalinda, which -- in the overarching theory that this entire episode is about the mistrust of other women -- seems telling. She's an opportunist, and maybe she doesn't even know it. She's probably just being protective as usual, but the mystique of being Kalinda is that you can never do anything simply out of kindness. And as painful as that is, it's also true: The agenda's there regardless. Less trust for Caitlin, regrettably, means more trust for Kalinda -- and so using this setup, this lady/girl misogynistic setup, does that make Kalinda a misogynist? Feminism is a lot harder, and a lot more rewarding, when you hold women accountable as adults.


Peter: "Find out who fucked on my couch. The rules are very clear about fraternization."
Cary: "I'll be coordinating the witch hunt."
Forgotten ASA of Color Geneva Pine: "Um, you're investigating fraternization? You?"
Cary: "If you've got something to say..."
Forgotten ASA of Color Geneva Pine: "Just said it, you ridiculous underwear model."


Colin Sweeney: "Well of course I love sex, don't you?"
Judge Bebe Neuwirth: "That thing you do where you're unbelievably gross all the time? Don't do that."
Alicia: "Did you sleep with that lady?"
Colin, verbatim: "No. She's not to my taste. Much too obvious."

Colin: "Essentially, I hired Isobel as a Fredo/Geisha, to entertain clients, and then when Drescher took over I fired her -- cleaning house, the gentlemanly thing to do -- but Drescher re-hired her as a contractor..."

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