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True South

"You mean karaoke is like, people just get onstage and sing? They don't even sign a contract or have a manager? What about ASCAP? What about residual rights? That is fucked up, holmes."

Alicia: "Anyway, it would be better if you were less of a friend and more of a tutor. I mean, what I really want to say is that I'm worried you're going to make my daughter weirder than she already is, but that is an obviously unacceptable statement, so I'm going to couch it in terms crossing the tutoring line, and your disparity in age. Even though neither of those things apply, because you're doing a great job as a tutor and clearly operating socially at enough of a disadvantage that the age difference isn't as off-putting as it would otherwise appear."
Tutor: "Say-that-again-without-emotion-and-in-concrete-language."
Alicia: "I want you to work with Grace on her homework. I don't want Grace making these videos with you anymore."
Tutor: "End-of-transmission?"
Alicia: "...Yeah."


Kalinda: "While you were in the bathroom I discovered that Adam Spellman's Baptist wife gave money to DOMA, and they tried to cover it up."
Eli: "Yeah, that'll do it. I'm off to tattle to the DNC, but would you also look at the other guys on this list? I need to destroy everyone for Peter Florrick."
Kalinda: "Wait, I'm working for Peter Florrick?"
Eli: "Do you, like, know who I am?"
Kalinda: "I just remembered that I left my stove on in Canada and I need to take care of that real quick."

Whoosh. Well done, Kalinda. I don't think he suspects a thing!


Alicia bounces back and forth between the two candidates, as named in the episode title:

Caitlin is a high-profile go-getter, talks about things turning her on or not turning her on, and her hobbies include trampboarding, which is where you take the wheels off a skateboard and jump around on a trampoline. I can't imagine anything more awkward looking. Anyway, she's played by Anna Camp who is the very greatest: "I know [how it sounds]. But I can do a double somersault from a full-blown ollie!"

Martha, on the other hand, is a sweetheart wallflower, a black-box machine that spouts Alicia-favorite phrases at random intervals: She liked to "dig deep" in moot court in school, because it was practical experience that kept her "feet grounded in something real" over journals or case law or whatever, she takes no credit for anything, everything is a "team effort," which she prefers although she can work competently on her own, loves L/G's "family spirit," hates the very idea of having her own personal hobbies or relating them, makes Alicia drag out of her that she likes Truffaut and Godard.

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