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So in a bake-off sense you have Alicia identifying with Martha, over Caitlin as the Cary or Celeste -- she'll later correctly identify her as a "classic C student" -- but I don't know about that: Martha's how Alicia wants to view herself, but that's leaving out over half the story when you do that. Not that there's any valid connection between Alicia and Caitlin at this time, as the alternative, just that when you decide to tell the story of yourself, it's the things you leave out are the things that screw you. So painting Martha -- who looks every bit like she would be a person on this show -- as the perfect narcissistic portrait of Good Wife Alicia means pretty much automatically she's screwed, in some way we don't know yet.


The first attempt to show the jury testimony from Sweeney -- over CCTV -- does not go well. He starts balking on the second question (after a very funny moment where he mourns his company with this panto, coy little moue) to the point where Alicia's just like, "Pull the plug" and the court TV goes dead. However, prior to this, there's an amazing moment where Celeste tries to out-Colin Colin by giving him the full Serrano, and that goes down like this:

Colin: "Something is going on between you two. Why are you so tense about each other?"
Celeste: "Should we tell him?"
Alicia: "Do not give him anything. What part of 'Hannibal Lecter' are you too stupid to understand?"
Colin: "Tell me or else."
Celeste: "We're lovers. We've been keeping it secret for months."
Colin: "Oh yeah?"
Alicia: "I really don't want to talk about it right now."
Celeste: "She's breaking up with me! For a man! Who is not worthy of her!"

Of course Alicia loves the absurdity of all this, behind her total stillness, but Colin's impressed enough at the attempt that he overlooks how paltry Celeste's craziness is compared to his. A for effort. But after the breakdown, they're disappointed, like, what the hell are you doing? We thought we were friends! And he's all, "I am clearly undercutting your case." Why? "Because I want something." What? "Freedom."

And in short order, they've taken his offer to Diane, and thence to Cary: Sweeney's got two years left on his sentence even with good behavior, but the SA needs evidence on drugs in prison, and that's something he can give them. Man, if Sweeney got out that would rule. Not because I want him around any more often than he is now, but just because I like the idea of him being out in the world, doing weird sex stuff all the time and killing folks and acting like it's no big deal.

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