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Ten minutes left in the Yard, and Sweeney randomly goes for it with such gusto that even Cary gets a little scared -- "I want to know about Garfield Park," he blurts -- and there's a bit of a chicken game between Alicia and Cary about whether he's going to rescue Colin, but then Colin goes for it: "I need your help. You know what they did, they took my company from me! I have money, and I want the man who did this dead. Gerald Drescher. He used to be my vice president, until he stabbed me in the back. How much would it cost?"

Which puts his little prancing act earlier in the episode, pouting about his company, in a whole new light... But only if this isn't an act. It's Colin Sweeney. Why not arrange a hit while you're managing your own early release and wearing a wire? Why not multitask it? I mean, how ridiculous. But is it? I'm just saying, this conversation might look a lot different when they find Drescher's body during Sweeps next year:

Cary, smirking: "A hit on his vice president, huh?"
Alicia, rolling her eyes: "Come on, he had to say something."


Colin Sweeney: Free and clear. Couldn't stop grinning meaningfully at Alicia every time he said something even vaguely creepy; it was kind of awesome. But not as awesome as the warm way she almost-smiled back.

Class Action: Settled! Terms not important, I guess.

Eli: "Good job! On whatever you did. Can we talk sometime?"
Alicia: "Ugh, about what?"
Eli, still overclocked: "The future! What else?"
Alicia: "Yeah, that sounds portentous."

Eli: "It's about sternly forcing your arm behind your back until you let Peter come live with you again. By then I will have discovered your affair with Will, his dalliance with Kalinda, and I will be so fed up with you both that there is no telling how fucking far I will take it. You think I'm imperious and hard to take now? Wait until I feel like you two bastards are taking me down with you. The heavens will shudder. And God help you if this interferes with my budding relationship with Kalinda. Not even Diane could save you then. Owen, David Lee, Finn and Patti Nyholm working with a private security firm couldn't save you, if that happens. Future, no future. All the same to me. Your move, Florrick."


Alicia: "So let's talk about the job I still haven't quite offered you yet."
Martha: "What are you talking about? They already decided. I didn't get the job here. I turned down my other job because I thought I had this, and now... I can't believe this. Why am I even here?"
Alicia: "Who told you this nonsense?"
Martha: "The hiring committee. They called, they said they voted and I just barely lost. So you tell me what happened, lady. You tell me."

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