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Big fight about moving the post-mortem deposition into evidence: Apparently Rule 212 says you can do this, but Ken says that's only when it won't do a "substantial injustice," like perjury, and to support the claim that Dead Guy was lying produces the suicide note, which is in two pieces: "IT'S A LIE" and "I'M SORRY."

Except the suicide guy had been accused of sleeping with his sixteen-year-old babysitter, so frankly it seems unlikely that those statements have to do with a corporate class-action suit about wiper fluid or whatever, and more about the actual reason he killed himself. Dead guy -- and the presiding judge -- share a sense of perspective, perhaps, that opposing counsel lacks.

Roda: "It's hearsay! We can't cross-examine a corpse!"
Judge: "Tacky tacky tacky."

The judge is actually really cool, despite his marmot hairdo -- which I think exists purely to downplay his hotness so you don't get distracted about it -- and once they start getting into fighting about the interpretation of the law and the notes and what do "words" mean and all that lawyer crap, the judge just sits back snarking at them and waiting for them to grow up. So, continuance? Maybe, but maybe not, after a little scene where a dude who lost his wife and daughters guilts Team Lockart-Serrano a little more.

Diane: "Kalinda, fix it. Fix it!"


Is doing Eli Business as usual. He drops into a chair beside her and she's like, what now.

Eli: "Adam Spellman. Do you know who that is?"
Kalinda: "I am Kalinda, of course I do. He is a businessman, and head of the Chicago Black Leadership Council. His address, social, and current weight are on this index card which -- what's this? -- you've had in your left ear the entire time. Now it has vanished! Or has it? Check your breast pocket."
Eli: "You are a wondrous beast. So listen, I need you to vet him for the DNC, as a favor I'm doing them out of my kindness and generosity. I would just hate if you found any skeletons in his closet."
Kalinda: "Okay but really, why?"
Eli: "For narrative reasons, I won't even bother to tell you yet. Just ruin his life immediately and we'll talk about it later."
Kalinda: "Everybody needs everything immediately all the time. Good thing I'm not cracking under the pressure or slowly being isolated from the few people I care about."
(She finds something and goes A-ha!)
Eli: "That was quick!"

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