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Chrissy: "I never filed a formal complaint or lodged a..."
Elsbeth: "You accused him of taking off his clothes and trying to seduce you. I mean -- excuse me, Viola, I'm asking a question, please stop screaming -- don't you think it's odd that all of your bosses keep taking their pants off at you?"


Elsbeth: "Almost everything is fixed with Viola's stuff. There's just two things left. Diane prostituting her out..."
Diane: "Literally I have no idea."
Elsbeth: "...And Will sleeping with 'underlings' in his office."
Alicia: "Oh boy."

David Lee: "Funny that the only truly hostile person in this environment is no longer named in the suit about a hostile environment."
Elsbeth: "Less funny is problem number three. A video unrelated to the Cary pranks in which Howard Lyman accidentally filmed himself pulling the pantsless trick on a paralegal."
Lyman: "Hey, why don't you come over here and sit on Daddy's lap, honey?"
Diane: "...Yeah, I don't really miss that aspect of this life."
David Lee: "Does this mean we can finally get rid of Howard Lyman?"

Literally everyone in my living room clapped for that one. Ugh.

Later, Diane points out to Will that -- for who knows what reason -- she was looking at the partners' decorating stipends and noticed that Alicia completely lost interest in her office decorations about a month ago. I don't know why this is a big deal or why Diane would even notice it, but the point is, she's putting it together -- and her Spideys are going off enough that she thinks to mention it to Will before leaving the office. Hmm.


Jackie's at one of those old-people classes where you hold a ball and bend your knees when Eli finally finds her. Groveling, as she snottily laces her stupid old bitch shoes up, he finally admits that he needs her help with somebody. She makes him work for it, for an exceedingly long time, in the hilarious middle of this slow-moving turtle people fitness class, and finally he gives her: Control of the Inauguration, the Ball, and Peter's offices. All of which she gets before even asking what the favor is. And when he mentions the name of the Union Chief in question, she laughs in a lovely way that almost makes you forget she's, you know, a monster.


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