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Kalinda: "You've got a problem."
Cary: "I have 99 problems, Kalinda."
Kalinda: "This minute, you have one. One of your rebels is breaking the code, handing off firm secrets. To Viola Walsh, who is all of our sworn enemy. I don't even care and I care."
Cary: "Give me an hour to fix it, before you tell Will?"
Kalinda: "You have thirty minutes."

F/A: "What the fuck, Rando?"
Rando: "My name is Tony, and I was being awesome."
Alicia: "You were being a fucknuts. You don't sabotage your own firm!"
Rando: "Lockhart/Gardner isn't my firm, Florrick/Agos is."
Carey: "Even I, the angel of bad ideas, think you are an idiot right now."
Cary: "Look where you're standing! This was idiotic. And they are going to fire you, in about ten minutes. So here's what you do. You take it, get fired, keep your head down."
Rando: "But my bonus!"
Alicia: "Oh my fucking God. You don't get the bonus. You forfeited the bonus when you cheated your own firm for no real reason except that you are a dingus. What, you think they're gonna pop that into your severance package? You are getting whiny about a thing that would never happen anyway, which makes you look like a total asshole."
Rando: "I don't see it that way, because I am the worst! You guys have to share your bonuses with me when we leave!"
Alicia: "Or WHAT."
Rando: "You know or what."
Alicia: "I hate you so much, dude. You just made Carey Zepps the third-coolest person in this storyline, and I woke up wanting to choke that little shit. You are never going to be forgiven for this. Of all us mini-mes, you just became the Derrick Bond."


Sonya Rucker: "[Technologies.]"
Diane: "So you're good with L/G? I'm supposed to talk them up."
Sonya: "...Sure?"
Diane: "I mean, I heard you're leaving for a new firm, maybe."
Sonya: "I get calls all the time..."
Diane: "Sonya, level with me in this fern bar. They already told me they approached you, the youngsters. It's okay."
Sonya: "Whew! I thought it would be weird!"
Diane: "No, Alicia's already been in your files, familiarizing herself with..."
Sonya: "She's great, isn't she? I mean, a firm with the Governor's wife on the letterhead is hard to pass up."

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