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Carey: "I mean, a partner could get around the firewall..."
Alicia: "Everything you say is always some creepy thing that makes me feel weird about what you're doing! Stop it! I am not stealing files for you."
Rando: "Just the new ones. Diane's cases."

David Lee: "What are you boners doing in here?"
Alicia: "Uh, discussing the Zimbalist depo."
David Lee: "Where's that dumb girl from the beginning of the episode?"
Alicia: "How should I know? Helping Will clear out Diane's office, maybe."
David Lee: "Later, tools. Good luck with your so-called deposition."


Will: "Gross. Viola, why are you here?"
Viola: "I am here to start a bunch of shit because I'm jealous of Diane's nomination. Did you know we were frenemies in law school?"
Will: "Diane doesn't work here anymore."

She's here to fuck with them anyway, though, because she's still raw they stole a client from her they were only supposed to babysit, which I think is ChumHum but might also be Dylan Stack? I can never keep all that straight. Anyway she's LA and very vengeful and she is here to represent none other than Chrissy the Paralegal, who is suing David Lee -- and Diane, and Cary, and Alicia, and the firm -- for creating a hostile work environment.

David Lee: "That bitch. I'll hostile her environment..."
Will: "Stay frosty. You're making threats in front of her lawyer?"
Viola: "Oh, the shit she's saying is way worse than that, and it involves Diane's rep too."
Will: "So L/G's really just collateral damage of you being a hater?"
Viola: "This is a suit between a firm and a paralegal, and we're all just slaves to the facts."
Will: "Oh right, I forgot how you can't help lying with every word you say."


Diane gets pretty close to center on her third shot, and they talk about how sexy it is to be at a gun range with your affianced, and when Will calls she remembers, reveling in it, that she doesn't have to answer. They make out. It is great. Kurt McVeigh is great. But it's also a little silly, because you know Will isn't calling to chat. It's not like he found some new way to make her feel bad -- making her feel bad was never part of the plan anyway. So if he's calling, it's at no small personal cost. And I wonder if that's part of her thought process too: Not just the "I don't have to answer a work call today!" sort of Marlo Thomas thing, this young romance vibe they've got, but also a more hardcore (and very understandable) thing of, "Well, you're the bitches that thought you could do it without me, so you just go right on ahead."

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