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The Alford Doctrine
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Grams rocked the shit out of the mic in this interview, while diagetically, Alicia prepared to destroy her from the inside out using the power of words, or possibly shooting the old beast in the head. As though anything could keep our Jacks down.


We get the smirk! AGAIN! The coolest shot in the history of this show -- besides the ones on the road trip with Owen where Alicia kept trying to get a signal -- AGAIN! I'll refresh your memory:

Shampoologist: "Girl, you know that fine son of yours is going to prevail, gubernatorially speaking..."
Jackie: "Yes, I have pictures of David Lee sodomizing Mike Kresteva at a White Power rally right here on my phone, and I've already contracted Halliburton's elite COBRA Commando sniper unit for the month of November..."
Style Maven: "Gurl. I feel the temperature just dropped a bit. Do you feel cold? It feels like right before the drop in a dubst..."
Alicia: "Hi, Jackie. Have a moment?"
Jackie: "You bet your ass I do."

That face! That magnificent face of Jackie.

Jackie: "Haven't seen you in a while, Gorgeous! How's tricks?"
Alicia: "Cut the shit, Florrick. You bought my house out from under me."
Jackie: "I was just driving through Highland Park, saw the For Sale sign, and realized I didn't want yet another family to..."
Alicia: "Meaning me. I mean, you honestly are going to stare in my face -- like so many others in this episode -- and claim that you randomly bought a four-bedroom, 3400 square foot house? Like it was gum in the checkout lane?"
Jackie: "I don't want it. It was for Peter! And for the kids. For Peter and the kids..."
Alicia: "And you! Oh my God, Gertrude. You are sick, sick, sick."
Jackie: "What's sick is our country's turn away from traditional values."

Alicia: "No, I get it. This is about boxing me out and setting yourself up with the family you always wanted."
Jackie: "You left his ass, honey. I'm not replacing you, there was a vacancy."
Alicia: "Well, I am going to stop you. Just stomp all over your old ass."
Jackie: "Uh huh. Well, good luck with that."
Alicia: "I don't need luck, you gross old witch. I'm a lawyer. With the very bendy morals this season has given me."

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