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The Alford Doctrine

Cary: "Opening us up to civil cases from both of them? Alicia, I have to protect my job here. At least as long as I have one."
Alicia: "I thought you liked the clarity of being on the other side."
Cary: "It's getting murkier by the minute, actually. Ask your husband, or your boyfriend."
Alicia: "I don't even know how sweet you're being right now, when you say it that way."
Cary: "Nobody ever knows how sweet I'm being. But you're finally getting how much I like you."
Alicia: "And I'm finally getting how much I like you. Which is why, for at least the third time this season, I'm going to express concern about your quality of life."
Cary: "Job satisfaction, ha! I have my Family Circus cartoons and my ficus to keep me company here in my cubicle, what more could a boy ask for?"
Alicia: "Okay. I am secretly going to fix this somehow."


Eli: "Well, I have now cleared out any of the brush that would keep me from giving you the hard sell on this one, so it's time for you to run for Governor."
Peter: "I was just thinking the same thing. Let's go win this."

He touches his mom's hand and worries about her. Is this because of her blind belief in him? Is this because he thinks she maybe died, and wants to erase the last thing he said to her by doing the thing that will make her proudest in the world? Is this because she knew exactly how he'd react, and will be happier about this than she would be sad about Alicia? Yes, all those things, and no, none of those things, because we'll never know, because whether or not she had a stroke, the bitch had a stroke.


Callie: "No, either way it's better for the girls to stay connected and go through with the Alford..."
Alicia: "You want the money, still. That's why you want to take chances with all three of them, because this new stuff bears on all of them if they play it like accomplices..."
Callie: "You two were just as into the money as I was, back when my client was getting beat up and wanted out..."
Alicia: "You know what? How about Lindsey offers to testify against Megan? Poor Megan that keeps getting beat up? Poor old Megan that killed a little girl?"


Callie: "WHAT?"
Even Diane: "Ohhhh girrlllll"
Alicia: "I think she'd make a damned good witness, don't you? I know Cary would love to meet with her, he needs something good to replace the DNA. And who knows what a desperate person will say..."

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