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The Alford Doctrine


Three lawyers, three defendants, basic setup of the West Memphis Three tragedy, that will eventually come down to the same thing it did in real life: The Alford Plea, "I'm technically guilty but I didn't do it," which maintains your innocence while admitting that the evidence could probably convict and you're not going to roll the dice. In this case, what the episode is about is that, at this point, the three young ladies -- who've been in prison already five years -- have their fates tied together. So now the three lawyers are working in tandem against Cary and the SA to vacate the whole thing, based on DNA evidence that Childs's crime lab was continually fucking up, probably on purpose, back then.

Judge Romano: "This is the fifth case of crime lab malfeasance that's come across my bench, and I have overturned all of them, so good luck to the pretty boy."
Cary: "Yeah, but all those had DNA as the central thing. This also built on lots of physical evidence, and testimony that these three girls were really mean to the victim beforehand."

Co-counsel here, besides Diane running with Alicia, are a guy named Tommy Segara, and more importantly, Cokehead Callie from last week. Each of them has their own girl, and each of them will spend the episode agitating for their own case, and it's pretty fun. Alicia's girl is Lindsey, who feels quite warmly toward her lawyers in a desperate way, but I'm not sure how Alicia feels about her in turn. She doesn't like bullies, and whatever else was going on, the three Sleepaway Murderers were that. Of course, it's Alicia, so by episode's end she's going to understand Lindsey as just a little girl, but for now she seems oddly ambivalent, oddly unwilling to do more than due diligence as far as comforting her client. Maybe I'm making too much of it, but there does seem to be a purpose here of having little Lindsey constantly staring back at Alicia with scared smiles, and Alicia just staring period.

Callie: "Point being, the cornerstone of the case was the DNA. So the jury was basically lied to."
Cary: "Sure, but not by the SA."
Callie, smartly: "Then the SA should share our anger at this injustice!"
Romano: "Heh. Calm down, but good one. Okay, I'm going to vacate the convictions."


Cary: "And I'm going to retry the case, then. And ask for no bail."

Everybody freaks out, the judge agrees to hold them for retrial, and the best day in Lindsey's life becomes one of the worst. She tells Alicia about this dream she keeps having: A door, open, that slams in her face when she gets close.

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