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Alicia and Louis raise a glass of wine in a nearly empty restaurant and talk about how Deb's been blacklisted; once again Louis brings up how she will eventually move to his firm. He has kids, and Diane and Will don't, so by not working for him, she is being a bad mom. On the other hand, Louis is a bad person because of his shitty clients.

Louis: "Oh right, the 1%. Like my millionaires that do philanthropy or something. Not like your white supremacist."
Alicia: "Gross. We don't represent Donnie Pike."
Louis: "No, just Colin Sweeney. Your phone's blinking."

Turns out Grace called her twelve times between like 3:30 and 4:00, and now isn't picking up.

VM: (Grace whimpering or not; shoving sounds or not; car sounds or not.)
Louis: "We okay? Something going on?"
Alicia: "Zach, where's Grace?"
Zach: "At home. I'm at L/G working on your computer some more, because apparently that's what I do all day every day after school. Grace probably just butt-dialed you."
Alicia: "You kids and your words! Just kidding, I am flipping out."

Louis drives her to the school, because nobody's answering at home. Alicia manages to panic Zach with a couple more calls, and Kalinda finally Spidey-Senses him flipping out across the office, and gets instantly Kalinda on that shit, with like GPS and whatever magic things she can do.


Some Girl, Like Grace Has Friends: "I don't want to rat her out."
Alicia: "No, like I think she might actually be in trouble."
Girl, once Louis jumps in to help: "She got in a car with a man. He walked her over there. Kind of tall. Couldn't tell if they knew each other."

Alicia: "Peter, I am fucking freaking out. She called me twelve times."
Peter: "Cary, get me the Chief of Police!"
Alicia: "You know we're involved with the Donnie Pike thing..."
Peter: "Alicia, this is not that."
Alicia, losing it: "How do you know? How do you know that?"
Peter: "Let me talk to that girl."

Alicia prays to nobody. Did you cry? I cried a little bit. At least one Emmy says you cry at this point.


Kalinda: "Okay, her phone died on the south side of Chicago, not a great sign. Does she do a bunch of drugs or anything? Tell me the truth."
Zach: "For real, she is super boring."

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