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The God Of Small Things

Kalinda runs out, patting him on the shoulder, and runs into Will, who instantly calls Alicia, who ignores the call against her wishes and asks to go home to check for Post-Its. This episode is really good, like, "addendum" good. I might need a little break here in a minute, just to chill out.


Peter: "The entire resources of our entire county are now at my disposal."
Wendy, inwardly: "Surely that's a problem."

Kalinda's talking to the girl at school when about a hundred cop cars appear.

Back home, there's no Post-It.

Kalinda busts it to the South Side with her handy laptop, while at home Alicia looks at picture of herself with her daughter and remembers when she wasn't dead. Peter comes over, and of course Alicia hopes that it's Grace at the door, but it's not. They embrace and he says all kinds of Peter Denial things like always. What she needs.


Kalinda spots a church and, knowing what a Jesus Freak Grace is, heads in that direction...

Where stupid Grace is getting baptized by Internet Jesus.


Things that would piss me off less than this, if Grace were my daughter:

If she actually had been abducted or was the witness to a robbery
If she were secretly dating Colin Sweeney
If she'd stowed away on a train to find Finn and bring him home
If she were doing crack and/or freestyle "dancing" on the internet
If she and Weird Tutor had joined an underground arena fight club
If she were an undercover employee of Wendy Scott-Carr
If she were secretly a white supremacist, doing hits for Donnie Pike


Alicia seethes and looks at her sexy Will underwear and feels bad about life, tossing it into a wastebasket with intensity.

Alicia: "Argh! Sleeping with Will has somehow killed my child! Why did Peter have to do such a good job of being my husband today? Like I didn't have enough on my plate with God all the time."

Or maybe she has been notified that Grace is not yet dead. I'm not sure. I just know that Alicia Florrick has had it, in a particularly characteristic inward-turning way where it's not one thing, it's everything. Caitlins and Marthas, Lockharts and Gardners, good wives and bad husbands, and two dead girls, and Leviticus, and Grace.


Grace: "Is she going to be angry?"
Kalinda: "I have bigger problems than that right now. Like me showing up at Alicia's house uninvited, with her second-string kid in tow."
Grace: "I didn't even call her twelve times. I butt-dialed her. From Jesus's car. Throwing the entirety of Cook County into martial law for no reason."
Kalinda: "That is so effing Grace."

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