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The God Of Small Things

I love how this show knows itself and us so well that this whole thing is embarrassingly realistic. This would totally happen! This is like the realest thing. I almost feel sorry for Grace. She's like the Sue Heck.

Grace: "Aren't you coming in?"
Kalinda: "Uh, no. You've caused enough problems today already."
Grace: "Do you want me to tell her you were the one that found me?"
Kalinda 101: "Um. The amount that I want to say Yes is making me say No."

Grace goes inside, and there is a three-way hug with the parents, so that when Will finally locates Alicia, that's the eyeful that he gets. Oh, man.


Will: "So, I totally caught Alicia hugging her husband. I feel crazy everywhere inside of myself."
Kalinda: "Do you know what you want from life?"
Will: "I don't know, like kids or something. Some kind of commitment maybe?"
Kalinda: "What does Alicia want, do you know that?"
Will: "I think it's safe to say I have no idea. I guess I could ask."

But I guarantee you won't get the chance. Because what this episode was about is all the Things. Large and small things, joyful and sorrowful things. Will and Peter, Caitlin and Martha, Andrew and Louis, Kalinda's broken heart, Leviticus and Grace. And what you're talking about, Will, is not enough Things.

He was always adrift and she was always anchored, it was what they wanted in each other. But now she's keeping him adrift, on purpose at arm's length, and he's making her feel anchored, him among the million Things, and this -- a painful mess, an accumulation of stories all talking at the same time -- is a thing they are doing to each other.

Our things or lack of things don't balance each other out, they accrete. You have to find somebody at least as busy as you, or else your time flows at different rates. I learned this one the hard way this year: If you are moving quickly and the other person is in a rut, you will make each other miserable, and at least one of you will never understand why. And that's what their lives are telling them, that's what wakes her up at night, and that's why Will needs to find his own Things, and Alicia needs to lose some Things of her own.


Louis passes out an email that Deb sent to her sister, which includes a thing about how she knew she was going to get canned for starting shit... And how she can't tell anybody she's this big Christian, or it'll get worse. So that means it wasn't a civil liberties thing, because she hid her beliefs, so the Provost couldn't possibly... I mean, I guess? Except it walked and talked and spewed hate like a duck, so would that really be a jump?

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