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The God Of Small Things

Caitlin: "So, we're still doing great? No pressure?"
Alicia: "Remember how I told you this was not going to be a big deal? Well, turns out we're both on trial. I can't stand Martha being mean to me."


Diane: "Will, do you want some privacy for your phone sex with Alicia?"
Will: "Diane, you're like my favorite person. Please get off my jock about Alicia."
Diane: "This is not about your jock. This is about you dragging our entire firm down by getting into a pissing match with her husband. Who is coming after us with a machete."

Will, rolling his eyes luxuriously, snatches a document off Diane's desk: It is a partnership renewal agreement. Diane is like a Pat Benatar song sometimes.

Kalinda: "Will, let's review the facts about Wendy Scott-Carr coming after you."
Will: "Okay. So Cary and Dana are still in this, but Peter's out, right? Listen, what about if I 'made changes' here at the firm? Would they lay off?"
Kalinda: "If you stop sleeping with his wife? I doubt it. He rubbed this lamp and Wendy came out of it, all bright knives and shiny teeth."

Will: "Okay, what about that white supremacist all the kids are talking about these days?"
Kalinda: "I don't think we'll get dinged on that. Let me call Dana."


Cary and Dana are now flanking Wendy Scott-Carr, I guess because they finally figured out that Peter may be the Emperor, but Wendy is now officially Darth Vader.

Dana: "You want access to all kinds of things these days, huh? That's my sexy way of talking about doing it with each other. Listen, I want some 'access' too. I'll call you back later, in a sexy fashion."
Cary: "...Hey, was that Kalinda?"

In his office, Peter balks at the L/G investigation, presumably because he realizes it's already too messy, but nominally because WSC wants budget for a full year of investigation. Also, fun fact: Their names are Peter and Wendy. I keep meaning to mention that.

Peter: "I think maybe you have a case of the old Mission Creeps."
Wendy: "Peter, you rubbed that lamp because you didn't want to get personal, or at least that's what we're saying since admitting it was because you didn't want to get your hands dirty makes us all look like assholes. Remember? Or maybe it was because you didn't want to go easy on her. That's my task."
Peter, verbatim: "Yes, but your task is not to create a new task."
Wendy: "Corruption at L/G. That's my task."
Peter: "Cook County does not have money for this. End of discussion."

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