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The God Of Small Things

Wendy: "We need an independent investigator. Are either of you sleeping with one by proxy?"
Dana: "How about we get Andrew Wiley? Cary, you used to have conversations with his pet lion, no?"
Cary: "He's free-range and hard to control..."
Wendy, humble-bragging: "Kinda like me?"
Everybody: "Ugh."


John Michael Higgins, the gay guy on everything that doesn't age, seems to have a fondness for Martha right out the gate. Caitlin and Martha are obsequious, and he misquotes Shaw, and it's all very awkward. Turns out Deb Morgan is not even a lawyer, but a witness or something in the arbitration case, meaning that Martha is on her own while Caitlin has Alicia as backup. Making Martha both more vindicated and probably more pissed, too.

Anyway, Deb used to be an English Lit professor until she was replaced by the Provost, which she finds hinky.

Caitlin: "Why do you believe..."
Objection: Calls for speculation. Sustained.
Caitlin: "Um, why were you fired?"
Objection: Same deal. Come on, Caitlin.
Alicia: "Step by step. Just ask her what happened."
What Happened: Sexual harassment.

Martha: "Gosh, what happened there? I'm so sorry you were harassed."
Deb: "He tried to touch me and I pushed him away."
Martha: "In a bedroom? No? The staff lounge, with people around? How frightening."
Deb: "Everybody gets that shit from him."
Martha: "He's a massager of women, right? Known for that?"
Deb: "I guess so -- which is itself a problem -- but mostly it's the fact that I resisted him touching me, and then got fired the next day."

The Provost is a creepster with a creepster beard that looks and talks like that Will Farrell character that was always in the hot tub with Rachel Dratch talking about "my lover" this and "my lover" that. Case closed, creepster.

Provost: "This is ridiculous! I am just a tactile person! I am accustomed to invading other people's space and touching their bodies! I have tenure, you see."
Martha: "You are a toucher of all genders, yes?"
Provost: "I always stop when they tell me to. And then I fire them."

Martha laughs about how silly it is to think the two things are connected, while the Provost talks about how much of a tool he'd have to be for firing somebody just because she reacted to him touching her body without consent. Alicia is not having it.

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