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The God Of Small Things

Louis runs up to Alicia to beat the drum once again on how unfair it is that settlements are so high and that attorneys use inefficiency to bill their hours -- the usual stuff he hates -- but Caitlin realizes this is a clue to his objections: The damages. Find the right number and, presumably, avoid politicizing the whole thing, and Canning and Martha might cave.


Andrew Wiley approaches a fit-looking Will Gardner at the hoops and somehow they don't know each other. He tells Will immediately that he's freelancing for Wendy, and Will gets scared. They have a long talk while his daughter rides around them in a circle; it's disorienting.

Will: "This is not about the imagined things of these basketball games. It's about extracurricular stuff."
Wiley: "I just think it's funny how you keep winning cases all the time."
Will: "We are a very good firm. Do you not watch this show? It's always Kalinda in the fourth act. Or else Alicia thinks of something at the last second."
Wiley: "I'm just saying, that is kind of unrealistic."
Will: "You know what, go make a list of cases you think were won weirdly, and I will walk you through it."

Fairly friendly, all things considered.


Will: "Eli? Are you lost? Why are you in my office? You know I hate you, right?"
Eli: "I just wanted to see what it's like when you work. I'm trying to be nice. Get to know you. Stop being the island of awesome."
Will: "Aw, Jesus. Fine, sit down. Is this going to get weird?"
(He fixes Eli with a frozen, horrific Joker grin that ensures it will get weird.)
Will: "So you want me to share the wealth? Give you extra work, if I feel like it?"
Eli: "It sort of sounds ridiculous right now, with you making that gorilla rictus face."
Will: "Does it now."
Eli: "How do I... Make you like me? And give me things? It's like my one power, but then because you hate me so much it's like I freeze and can't even think of how to do it. And also, that face that you are making has me wanting to barf. How do I make you stop doing that?"
Will: "I am very mysterious. That is true, Eli. In these ways and in many other ways."


Alicia: "Okay, so you get them with how she can't get another job..."
(Kalinda enters, restricting her swag as much as possible in deference to Alicia hating her ass. Not enough, though.)
Alicia: "Did you fuckin' need something?"
Kalinda, speaking only to Caitlin: "It's a copy of an email..."
Caitlin: "Yay! Damages, Alicia."
Alicia: "I didn't know you were working on this case, or I would have thrown a fit."
Poor Innocent Caitlin: "I asked her, it was me! Did you know she's a really good investigator? And probably a very good friend."

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