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The God Of Small Things

Turns out our Provost emailed another school's Provost about how Deb is a giant homophobe and shouldn't ever work again -- and then that email showed up on a RateMyProfessor-type site for college administrators. Damages, son.

Louis objects because of the intent of the email wasn't to mess with her except at this one college, but Alicia points out that it was widely distributed and that whatever his intent, he's now responsible for her blacklisting. I feel like something's coming, though, because obviously this woman is an asshole. Louis wants to yell, Martha tries to shove him aside, but he overrides her. Martha now looks ten times more pissed than before, which is at least five times more pissed than a normal person should ever look. She is about to twist her shit all up, I can feel it.

Provost: "Um, she said homosexuals were disgusting and that it was a choice and some other mean things. It was bad stuff. The kind of stuff that apparently makes you want to rub a person's shoulders, I guess."
Louis: "So the deal is that this is hate speech. She should be fired, and somebody should tell everybody about it, so that's a good deal."

Deb: "All I said was that Santorum was right when he compared homosexuality to incest and bestiality. Nothing hateful!"
Alicia: "You're a Christian, right?"
Deb: "Apparently."


Will: "Why wouldn't you be my friend when you first came in here? You were high and mighty just like Diane says! You don't play along."
Eli: "Fine. I will do reindeer games and whatever dumb firm shit. Next."
Will: "Why is Peter investigating me?"
Eli: "WHAT?"
Will: "So it's not political?"
Eli: "Ask Alicia, I guess?"
Will: "It's none of her business."
Eli: "Kind of it is, though. Right? That her husband would have a problem with you? I'm not an idiot. What is the pretend reason for the investigation?"
Will: "Corruption. Giving Wendy Scott-Carr breast cancer. Imaginary lesbian sex. Basketball. So many things."
Eli: "I guess since I'm part of this firm, I have to be on your side with this. So I'll see what I can find out for you."
Will: "Ironic. And awesome."

So that's two things: Eli's on his side, and Diane's making it about their partnership. Oh, and Kalinda's going to confirm if Will has the option of breaking up with Alicia right this second. Thing three. I think that they are going to break up at the end of this episode, that's what I think.

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