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You can say that's cynical, but what you're talking about is ego: The immense pride of the activist, who claims to be helping the world but doesn't really care about helping the world so long as he can say he tried to save the world and is thus a better person than those that didn't, that didn't throw tantrums and rage against the machine. All season long, different conversations about this central fact, that there is no worse person on the planet than a Good Person.

If your politics ever make you feel like you might be "selling out," chances are you need to investigate and clarify for yourself exactly who you're trying to impress in the first place. You don't get a cookie for holding good-hearted views; you get a reputation based on your acts, on your behavior. Nobody cares what is going on inside your head, because they aren't in there with you. It's good to be both, essential to be both, really, but... It's like outsider art, it's called "outsider" for a reason: If your art is not for or about other people, if your identity as The Artist is more important than your social role of service to other people, then you're not actually communicating anything with your art except, "I am weird."

Which is what is beautiful, and scary, and wonderful and awful, about Anonymous: It's shifts by aggregate, like any other monster made of people, but that central thing of Ego is intentionally left out of the design, so the evolution doesn't ever have to stop moving forward, making it a new kind of thing we have never before had on Planet Earth. Ego still happens, you hear about certain people bragging too much and causing issues -- and, of course, it's still basically educated white guys who think that the hypothetical possibility of diversity is the same thing as actual diversity, which thought eventually creates the opposite of diversity because it means a well-intentioned entitlement to speak on everybody's behalf, which white guys already feel okay doing anyway -- but still, you never know what those folks are gonna do.

It's wonderfully and it is terribly made, and this story in particular lets those things float to their appropriate margins. I was expecting "These monsters don't know what they are unleashing!" from this show, I mean, I love this show but Anonymous is frigging hard to wrap your head around; instead, they manage to tell-by-showing a much more accurate picture: Not necessarily the things they say, but the way it all works out, seems a lot closer to a genuine exploration of these issues, the bleeding-edge future creature it is, and that was a lovely surprise.

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