The Good Wife
Rape: A Modern Perspective

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Look Me In The Eye & Tell Me

Grace: "God says you're a great mom so don't sweat it."

God: "And dox Todd Bratcher. It's okay by Me, rapists are the goddamned worst."

Alicia: "I have to stop thinking about myself."
Grace: "Sometimes it's good to think about yourself."
Alicia: "Yes, and you have no idea how proud and relieved I am to hear you say that. But sometimes it's not, and right now it's not."


Defense: "This is a fishing expedition! Who knows how many rape selfies will be on that server?"
Judge: "Uh, this is clearly a very specific request, which makes it the opposite of an expedition."
Alicia: "That's the only gap in Bratcher's texting history; the assumption is that it's all been..."
Defense: "The cops already did this!"
Judge: "Then what's the problem? Subpoena granted, but stay within the scope."

Will: "Whew, right? Hey, are we really okay with Cary and the fourth-years?"
Alicia: "I guess. I mean, what's okay? Are we okay? Is that rapist over there okay? Who's to say what okay even means in this context?"
Will: "Comforting."


Cary: "So much strolling together! People will say we are courting."
Alicia: "Malpractice insurance, Cary? Come on."
Cary: "Who told you!?"
Alicia: "I found out."
Cary: "Do the partners know?"
Alicia: "Baby, you're talkin' to a partner."
Cary: "No, I mean the real ones."
Alicia, glumly: "...No."

Alicia: "Who are you taking?"
Cary: "The other fourth-years, maybe you..."
Alicia: "No, I mean our clients."
Cary: "...Oh. Then yeah, I can't tell you that."
Alicia: "How long?"
Cary: "A month."

"I was comparing Lockhart/Gardner to a dozen other firms. It's top-heavy. Half the equity partners are soaking up profit participation without doing any real work. What does Howard Lyman contribute to L/G? I'm not being bitchy, I'm asking what the fuck he does all day. Do you know how much he makes a year? Four million dollars. For being an old white guy as his job. Look me in the eye and tell me you're satisfied with that."

Alicia: "Huh."
Cary: "When we were in law school we wanted to change the world. We wanted to always do right. And this season, how many times have you felt good about your wins? Hell, in the last four years how many times have we done unequivocal, unqualified right?"

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