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But what Cary is saying, and feeling, is not only philosophically but generationally close to the Fawkes kids in a lot of ways, only the mask he's wearing looks a lot like the most beautiful human being that ever lived, and it says, "I refuse to spend my thirties accruing imaginary brownie points, and showing loyalty, to a company that doesn't honor its own brownie-point scrip and to which I feel no loyalty." It's not about hurting L/G, it's about who he wants to be. And you don't need to argue with that, either; this whole show is about a woman figuring out that exact same thing, with the exact same tools, which is why it's so interesting to see this other path.


Kalinda: "Thanks for meeting me at this hipster coffee shop where everything has glasses and a mustache because this show thinks hipsters are real and they all have glasses and a mustache and that either of us much less actual hipsters would be caught dead in a hipster coffee shop where the theme is glasses and a mustache."
Robyn Burdine: "I haven't ever been to a coffee shop before! I grew up in a redwood tree outside of Irvine California."
Kalinda: "Another lie among your many lies. Hey, so Alicia asked you to investigate Cary?"
Robyn: "Whaaa?"
Kalinda: "Come on."

Robyn: "Okay, well. Let's say 'a partner' comes to you and asks you to do some work, and part of the thing is that you can't tell anybody else."
Kalinda: "I see how you got there, I do. Here's what you need to understand about L/G, it is a seething mass of rats fucking each other to death. You know how I never talk out loud? This is in large part why. Do not promise people that, okay?"
Robyn: "I see, I get it."
Kalinda: "Now about your brother that you shot. You didn't actually shoot your brother. That whole thing is a lie."
Robyn: "Okay, fine. I made it up. I actually grew up in a suburb of Portland where nothing ever happens, and that is unacceptable to me, so I made up the brother."
Kalinda: "Well, I don't believe that for a hot minute either, but you've intrigued me enough that -- you would never understand this so I won't mention it -- but you actually just ensured my support in your performance review. I wanna see how far down this rabbit hole actually goes."


The mean old world gives Diane a few minutes of extreme pleasure, as she giggles and hops around their Supreme Chambers, imagining herself in various seats, ruling on various things at the state level. The fact that she's happy is the first flag, because this show hates when she's happy, or really when anybody is.

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