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The irony, then, becomes an apology: Not to Bratcher, of course, because the question of his innocence is moot, but an apology to the court for messing everything up. They take it back to Rainey, who shows once again that she knows exactly what is going on, because the thing about people younger than Alicia and Will understand natively that everything is media and everything is public opinion, even when it's not: "So let's say this goes against me. Then what's out there is not Todd Bratcher is a rapist, what's out there is I'm sorry for calling Todd Bratcher a rapist."

L/G: "Sure, but the gag order is only as long as this trial, you can do whatever you want afterwards. This is you getting in your own way."
Rainey: "Yeah, but now it hinges on this apology, and I can't do that. Jail is scary, but it's splitting hairs to say this would be anything other, effectively, than apologizing for calling somebody what they are."

Alicia: "You seem awfully involved in this."
Will: "We don't spend a lot of time with clients who are willing to follow through on their determination like her. I admire this. So we have to win."

It's an interesting note on the story structure: Will and idealism have never really been a thing, he has an easy idealism just like Diane but his story isn't ever really about that. His idealism is about protecting other people's idealism, so they don't have to know about or see the ugly truths about the world. It's one of the reasons he was able to so quickly fall back in love with her four years ago: She'd held onto that part of him, his heart, and the whole time she was out of the legal game she was able to stay innocent too. But now St. Alicia is getting dirtier -- getting more like him -- all the time, and so there's an unspoken connection being made, in both their heads, between their sad broken relationship, and the older unsullied versions of themselves, and this inviolate, strong girl.


Moody comes to continue vetting Diane for the Supreme Court seat, with Kalinda standing by as his counterpart, and -- with Peter somehow three points behind, with two episodes to go -- the tone is all very heightened.

Moody: "Kurt McVeigh? You've worked with him? He's a ballistics expert? Your occasional lover?"
Kalinda & Diane: "Lol."
Moody: "I know, but what is the right word?"
Diane: "I guess lover is correct, but you're a dork."

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