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Moody: "So but he is a rampant secessionist?"
Diane: "No, what he said was that he wouldn't stand in their way. My liberal friends say that about the Republic of Texas all the time, it doesn't mean anything..."
Moody: "This isn't about me, this is about optics. I could give a shit. I mean, even his name..."
Diane: "The writers named him that seasons ago, it's hilarious that we're talking about this now. But also, our President's middle name is Hussein. I don't think my fiancé's weird last name is..."
Kalinda & Moody: "Hold up, what?"
Diane: "Oh, did I not mention that?"
Moody: "I gotta go. We'll talk about this after my stroke."


Cary: "Alicia, we gotta do these secret strolls more often, I feel like a superspy!"
Alicia: "Remember how we were going to leave L/G and start a firm?"
Cary: "Vaguely?"
Alicia: "So are you still doing that?"
Cary: "No way! That would get me fired, equity partner."
Alicia: "I saw you, with our little one-time cabal. I know you're doing something."
Cary: "I'm not plotting. I was angry, we all were, about losing our partnerships. But I mean, I chilled out. The firm will make good on their promises, I know that."
Alicia: "Okay. Hey, are you lying to me right now?"
Cary: "Pretty much. But we're still good, so don't worry about it."


Grace is wondering aloud if they're going to have to move for the fourth time in four seasons, and go live in Springfield, and what that's gonna be like, when Zach gets a weird crazy text from an Anonymous source: A video of Bratcher and other guys joking around about the rape with a sex doll, tossing her back and forth and reenacting certain parts of what is turning out to be a sadder and sicker event all the time. He's still watching it when Alicia comes home, and -- after frankly way too long -- realizes she's watching a reenactment of a rape with her teen children, and shuts the whole moment down.

Grace: "Wait, you're working on this case?"
Alicia: "Ugh, yes. I didn't tell you guys, obviously, but yes."
Grace: "Well, then this is good."

Both of the Florrick kids are young enough that they don't see the whole picture, but it's a nice little button on things that Grace is Grace-y enough that she says the obvious. Usually it's a bit annoying, but because of the Stack angle on the whole thing -- that this brush with Anonymous is a perfect entrée into thinking about the Alicia we have now, what she's given up, what she's gotten in return -- Grace as a viewpoint is actually more valid than ever: Yeah, this is a good thing. Which makes it a bad thing.

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