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There's a lot of semantics and grandstanding between the lawyers about exactly what this video is and why it matters, lots of rhetoric impeding the actual discussion at issue, which is -- even after it's been authenticated by one of the boys -- where it came from and how computers work and whatever. The defense maintains that the person whose phone it is from (one of the main co-defendants in the original trial) erased the sex doll video because it was tacky, not because it was evidence, but that either way this could only have been produced illegally. They keep using the word "anonymous" which is of course the word you would use, but it's a neat little literary trick where Anonymous is hiding in plain sight, disguised as this word.


David Lee: "It is time for me to bitch about the fourth-years again. They're all taking their vacation days."
Will: "Well, that is the next page in the tantrum playbook. Don't negotiate with terrorists."
David Lee: "Fuck it, I just want to fire one of them. Cary Agos, for lots of valid reasons, and also because he is the ringleader."
Alicia: "...No. I was the ringleader."

She's sort of horrified with herself, but the fact that it only took a beat and a half before she fessed up, that's class act all the way. It takes just enough seconds that you have time to wonder how she'd produce this information on any other day, without Rainey Selwin in the back of her head, reminding us what truth looks like.

Diane: "So, setting that aside until I have a reason to freak out on you about it, would you say these are more scare tactics, or..."
Alicia: "Honestly, I'd say it's a coincidence."
David Lee: "Fourth-years don't take vacation days..."
Alicia: "Well, first of all that's because they want to show effort in the hopes that it will be rewarded, and you've made it clear that no amount of effort is going to be rewarded. But in the absence of a tasteful way to point that out, I'll just say it's been an exhausting bankruptcy all around."
L/G: "Are they still pissed at us or not?"
Alicia: "Dumb question with an obvious answer, so I will once again sidestep the issue by quoting Cary verbatim on the subject. The fourth-years know that the partners will honor their agreements. Which is, by the way, an incredibly subtle but devastating threat, which I am happy to make, because this whole partnership thing is fucking me over worse than any of the rest of you guys, and effectively worse than the fourth-years themselves."

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