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Alicia: "No, because I don't care about you at all. Now, can you please, please look into some high-level shit for me? And tell nobody, not the partners, not even Kalinda."
Robyn Burdine: "Does this mean we're friends?"
Alicia: "I don't even know your name, man. If you asked me to say your name right now, I might not be able to come up with it."
Robyn Burdine: "It's Robyn Burdine!"
Alicia: "Right, right. Off you go."

Obviously the whole idealism v. reality fight has its roots here, too, but I like this whole thing better because it's my favorite kind of Alicia: Trying to get everybody out alive. The difference between this year's girl and earlier versions is that she's using back roads instead of just blithely telling everybody what's going on. Well, "blithe" is the wrong word because she barely talks, but you know what I mean. Now she's committing treason and betraying the proletariat at the same time, hoping they will somehow... Not cancel each other out, but assimilate and transcend, and everything will be okay. If she were only doing one, or the other, it would be gross. But since she's doing both -- in full view of everybody -- it really does work. A very Alicia Florrick solution.


Bratcher's on the stand being the same kind of cliché as they always are -- "The sad thing is, I like Rainey," which is like some law somewhere that all rapists have to say that on the stand at some point -- when Alicia notices Dylan Stack in the gallery, and checks in on him.

Alicia: "So you're here because?"
Dylan: "I wanted to see what idealism looks like."
Alicia: "Barf. But also, you're the Anonymous friend that texted my kid?"
Dylan: "No, that storyline wasn't about me until just now. I don't, um, text with your teenage son."
Alicia: "Because it could possibly prove helpful, or could have."
Dylan: "This Todd Bratcher kid seems like a real piece of shit."
Alicia: "Oh yeah, he is. He really is -- like, separate from this whole thing -- he is a piece-of-shit rapist. It's like one of the main things about him."
Dylan: "Do you think the jury understands this about him?"
Alicia: "Not sure yet."

Will gets Bratcher to -- in the litany of denials -- deny that he ever "made fun" of Rainey's accusations, which the judge finally (after much of a muchness) allows opens up the videotape... But only the one part they got Bratcher to claim he never said, before his lawyer shuts it down, so it's like five seconds of the tape. But they're a fairly harrowing five seconds, like, his piece-of-shittiness is very apparent in this five seconds, and it further qualifies itself by the fact that the only reason he could have known the detail he's laughing about is either he read it in Rainey's deposition, or he actually did it, and he just claimed he never made fun of her deposition, which only leaves him option B. Which technically means they can impeach his statements about the situation the tape contradicts, but really means they got to show him being a piece of shit.

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