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Rape: A Modern Perspective

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Kalinda: "Are we done with the McVeigh stuff yet? This is so stupid."
Moody: "Actually, no. It's to the point where you need to go meet with Chief Justice Ryvlan, because he is like obsessed with this guy."
Diane: "I gotta go kiss the ring because my fiancé is a Teabagger? This is dumb, but not wholly unexpected."
Moody: "Oh, and you are totally not allowed to represent Dylan Stack anymore. Speaking of secessionists and revolutionaries."
Diane: "He's a dotcom zillionaire, not a... Bitcoin revolutionaries are not actual revolutionaries, they're just young and entitled and silly. It's not like anybody actually listens to Libertarians except other Libertarians, right? It's like that. Realpolitik versus Paul Ryan playing with charts and graphs. Dylan Stack supports the overthrow of government right up until it disrupts his Xbox LIVE subscription."
Moody: "Yeah but it's the zillionaire part that makes his dumb fantasy values relevant."


Robyn: "Alicia, it's that girl you barely know and yet weirdly hate. Listen, Cary Agos just bought twelve mil worth of malpractice insurance."
Alicia: "Are all the fourth-years involved, or..."
Kalinda: (Jumps out of the shadows.)
Robyn: "I have to go now. We can talk about those wigs I ordered later, sir."
Kalinda: "Who was that, your wig guy?"
Robyn: "My brother."
Kalinda: "The one you shot? Because it turns out that's actually not something you invented just to seduce that awesome douchebag, but an actual thing they told me at the Treasury."
Robyn: "No, another one. Hey, can you put a good word in at my review?"
Kalinda: "Yes, because I want to figure out your deal, and this means keeping you close. Also, you're a shitty liar."
Robyn: "I am an amazing liar!"


After Grace receives another Anonymous text -- this one a picture of Bratcher posing with a clearly incapacitated Rainey Selwin -- it's the file name ("idealism.jpg") that pisses Alicia off: The video was titled "" She busts down Dylan Stack's hotel room door and reminds him that she was already very clear in her opinions on him sending illegally obtained rape trial evidence to her kids.

Dylan: "I didn't send this. Do you really not get how this works?"

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