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Rape: A Modern Perspective

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Alicia: "I do actually understand Anonymous, because the show has really been trying to get its tech stuff right this year and it's been a beautiful experience. But idealism versus reality? And then it's just some random coincidence that..."
Dylan: "You told me to stay away from your kids. I didn't really need you to tell me that, but you did in fact underscore it. We both know what is going on here."
Alicia: "So you told some online superhacker trolls about this rape trial and our conversation about reality and idealism, and because they have no idea how the legal system actually works..."
Dylan: "Because, on the contrary, they understand how the loopholes and plea-bargains and Chinese Walls and hands-clean trade-offs work..."
Alicia: "But why would you do this? The hounds of war, especially in a media-sensitive case like this..."
Dylan: "It is an object lesson, for them, to help them grow into an understanding of the real. The cynicism that we are up against. And for you, you need help. You're losing."

Alicia: "Well first of all, you're being disingenuous. This isn't idealism, this is nihilism. There is a naïveté to your revolution that you don't even see, because you can throw money at things while you're destroying them and you don't ever have to live in the world you're burning down."
Dylan: "As if any of my hacker friends have ever known poverty either. This is white kids versus white kids just like every other movement in American history, and you know it."
Alicia: "Motivations don't matter. Intentions don't matter. The legal system works the way it does..."
Dylan: "It's cynical to say that it 'works' at all. Now who's being disingenuous."
Alicia: "You are not helping. You think you're helping but you're not helping."
Dylan: "Look. The cops can't hack for this stuff. Kids know how to delete evidence and the cops can't get to it and that means the kids are the ones hacking the original system. So my kids hack their hack and get the cops the info they could have gotten for themselves, before everybody got so clever. It's flipping it back right side up. For you, for your system of justice you love so much."

A judge will never see it that way, frankly Alicia can't even see it that way, because it makes their lives largely irrelevant and we're not ready to look at that yet. She's hot as hell, she has no reason to accept that most of what she's learned is continually becoming archaic. The efficiency of any system moving into the future can only be helped by these things -- exposing these changes and weaknesses -- but you have to do it in a way they understand, or else you're just being "honest" like poor Rainey Selwin, and thinking that's going to save you. Being right has never saved a person.

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