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Muad'Dib: "David, shut up. He is taping you. We can hear you. We are down the goddamn hallway."
Eli: "So yeah, this is Eli Gold, standing in the office of one David LaGuardia, who has just admitted that his wiretapping application was insufficient."

Elsbeth: Literally spinning around in her chair at Perrotti's office, singing little songs. Awesome.


Juror: "In my made-up estimation, I would say that $50M should do it."
CEO, backstage: "Fine! Settle for $12M!"

He stomps off, and again there's that weird sense of being in two places at once: The pretend jury will never know just how many lives they have changed. More, if you think about it, than a real jury would have. Just based on old men getting pissy about people not rolling over and doing what they're told.

Alicia: "Will, couple things."
Will: "Make it quick, I feel weird."
Alicia: "First of all, did I get this only promotion because..."
Will: "Don't be gross. It's because of your husband, we all know that. Wait, I mean because you're such a good lawyer."
Alicia: "Okay, and thing number two is..."
Will: "Let's just avoid being alone together."

And then this little verbatim exchange, which capped it all off nice and heartbreakingly:

Alicia: "Okay. I'm sorry, Will."
Will: "About what?"
Alicia: "Oh, I dunno. What am I not sorry about?"
Will: "It's life. We're in constant danger of running off the road."

And in constant danger of seeing yourself as purely reactive, which I guess happens to us all. It wasn't until that moment before they kissed that I'd ever once thought about the fact she'd have anything to apologize for. Like boys are just a thing that happens to us. Or how much of a relief it would be, what an unrealistic fantasy it is, for the person you hurt to acknowledge you might be hurting too, or to love you for doing it so surgically, and at such a high personal cost.


Cary: "Technically we won, but really we lost. I thought of a funny trick to scare the partners, I'm going to take the Thief people to lunch. Just like Will psychically predicted. Doesn't that sound like a gas?"
Alicia: "Cary they offered me the only real partnership and I said yes and this happened a minute ago and I was so freaked out so now I am telling you and..."

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