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Cary: "Uh, smart move? Frankly a little surprising, even given my late role as your spiritual advisor and noticer-of-your-transformation. But good call. I guess I won't be talking to you about my sabotages from now on, though. And I guess I'll get this shoebox to myself for a little while."
Alicia: "Cary I think this could really be a good thing like I can change the firm from within or fight for your rights and I just really feel shitty and can I buy you a yacht?"
Cary: "Sure, whatever."


For the second episode in a row, we end on a major presentation of Alicia-as-partner. A little bit of a David Lee-flavor nasty joke about how often they curse her husband's name -- hilarious! -- followed by a toast. To the one, the only, the morally erect and always stylish Alicia Florrick.

Diane: "We're peers now. Welcome."
Will: "Congratulations."

First the hugs and then the handshakes, and a thousand congratulations and a thousand hugs. Over their shoulders she spots Cary, who gives her a manful nod; eyes wide, she nods back. Praying of course that this won't be exactly what she knows it will be. They fought so hard to get to each other, over so much age and gender and unfairness and manipulation; they tried so hard to be human.

Alicia can't take her eyes off him as she thanks them, one by one, down the line; willing him not to disappear. Kalinda joins him, and for a moment they watch her, through the glass, together. It's so clear, so clean, that you could almost pretend it's not there between them at all.

And then she blinks, and they're gone.


Lily Rabe! Amanda Peet and Maura Tierney! Everybody's coming! Elsbeth takes Muad'Dib to civil court in a switcheroo to get his witness list for the Eli stuff, Jordan gets some Peter time while Eli is testifying in separate cases in every kind of court we have, and presumably everybody in the entire firm of Lockhart/Gardner finds newer more muscular reasons to hate on Alicia, because that chiefly is what haters do.

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