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Kyle MacLachlan: "You found us! In Narnia! I am the new prosecutor now that Wendy Scott-Carr has been tossed off the case for being guilty of the very thing we're coming after you about. You know how everybody has a thing on this show? My thing is, I keep popping my jaw. Josh Perrotti is my name, jaw-popping is my main game."
Hamish Linklater: "I am the adorable other one, we've met. My new main thing is accordions, polka, and talking about accordions and polka. David LaGuardia. My name is not a killing word."
Elsbeth: "You bros can weird it up all day, you'll still having nothing on me. Now, Eli has been told to stay quiet and not talk to you, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't goad him into overreacting. I should warn you, however, that Eli Gold's main deal is overreacting to everything."

Muad'Dib: "Opening joke is that I am not corrupt, which is why DC sent me here. Meaning of that joke is, I am a creep."
LaGuardia: "We have a wiretap from September 28th of last year where Eli is talking to one of the guys from Greg Leshoure at Wooster-Graff Industries, which is the company I mentioned that caused Eli to lawyer up in the first place."

Eli: "Uh, the usual this month. And, uh, if I'm effective, next month we can discuss. Did you get my e-mail?"
Greg: "I did. I'm talking to her tomorrow. She's really your ex-wife?"
Eli: "She'll make a great senator. She just needs a bit of financial boost..."

Elsbeth: "Hmm."
Perrotti: "Now, here's the thing. If Eli wears a wire, and gets Peter to admit he got a bribe recently..."
Eli: "!"
Perrotti: "...Then we'll drop all the charges against you."
Eli: "Go fuck yourself."
Perrotti: "Okay, tough guy. Just trying to be transparent."
Elsbeth: "How 'bout you transparent me over a copy of your Wiretap Complaint Application for Interception of Telephonic Communications, as per 18 USC.2518? Yes, I have seen The Wire before."
Perrotti: "Damn. We hadn't considered that possibility. If it's even possible I now find you sexier than I did when you rode in here on that unicorn."
Elsbeth: "Pop that jaw for me, Daddio. Make it pop. Yeah."


T&R Legal Research is holding this little shindig, so we get a walkthrough of what that might like: There are cameras everywhere, and you are being watched from all angles, like it's a dystopia based on microexpressions and other voodoo. Please do not stare at Alicia and Cary, even though they are too pretty to be real. Actually, you can stare all you want. Just like a real jury, they are going to treat you like dummies, like pawns in their mind games. And you will be filmed. Oh, also the judge is not really a judge, it's Howard Lyman, the worst partner of all and the one who led the secret coup to screw over the fourth-years.

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