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Alicia: "Which is target anorexics?"
Marketing: "Which is target dieters."
Alicia: "Well, whatever. Whether Thief is targeting dieters or anorexics or whatever, the defense can't use Bella's own anorexia against her..."
Diane: "Counselor is testifying!"
Alicia: "Fine, we're done anyway."
MC: "Show of hands?"


Thief CEO: "How can you be losing this case?"
L/G: "We haven't presented our defense yet. This is just the first chapter of a longer story in which we actually get to talk..."
Thief CEO: "I am not interested in how basic legal things happen, or the causal nature of time's forward progression! Why aren't you winning this case?"

Juror: "...I don't know, like $45M? Based on nothing, my gut is saying that random but oddly specific amount."
Jurors: "Our guts too."
Lyman: "In some ways I'm in the worst position, because it is in my best interest on every level to direct this pretend jury to find in favor of the defense, but make it look like I'm doing the opposite or not doing anything at all."

L/G: "I don't know how we could possibly explain this more clearly, sir."
Thief CEO: "You want me to lose! You want to lose this case!"
L/G: "Damn that Alicia Florrick. Enjoy not being a partner, you punk."


The Florrick kids, adorably, can't help but be fascinated by the group of five fourth-years in their living room, getting all overheated and revolutionary.

Cary: "They offered because of money, they're taking it away because of money. Stop thinking that money is your value, and start thinking about ways to jockey for position within that system."
Alicia: "Or is it both? I am the queen of Lemond Bishop wrangling."
Others: "We kind of do all the work, from what we can tell."
Others: "Or should we just sit tight? See what happens?"
Others: "No! They are getting hefty bonuses based on this best-quarter-ever, and hoarding that windfall by going back on their word!"
Cary: "They, and this episode, are putting us into a class warfare situation. Which is always, always bullshit orchestrated by the guys on top. We have to get out of that paradigm and think about the long term."

Others: "Go on strike! Or just a slowdown!"

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