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The show only does its own Previouslies when it's Lemond Bishop, but it makes sense because whenever -- say -- Colin Sweeney turns up, it's because he's done something completely new and crazy, whereas with Bishop it's all the same story in little chunks: How he finally went to jail, ironically on the legit-business side L/G handles, for the murder of a CI whom he swears he didn't kill. Remember the one, Kalinda found her body in the trunk of her own car and then Alicia had to wait with his kid while they tossed the house and took him out, and it was grosssssss.


Over a fun little montage of everybody getting spruced-up office furnishings and whatnot, we join the Lockhart/Gardner Steering Committee just now beginning their meeting by welcoming equity partner Alicia Florrick with what else but a round of the applause she keeps getting everywhere she goes.

Item One: David Lee wants to talk about reacquiring the 27th and 29th floors, which we know would have appealed to Diane before she went to war with the idea of Nathan Lane, but now maybe less so.

For: "It's time we look like a real law firm again, and not some Burmese tent city."
Against: "Stay lean, or risk retracing our steps into ruin."
Will's Position: "But the economy! There are dangers in being too conservative with money!"
Alicia: (Wrong. Trust me.)
Diane's position: "Uh, and those would be?"
Alicia: (Yep, you tell 'im.)
David Lee's position: "Oh no, Mommy and Daddy are fighting. Once again. Move to lease them again while we still can..."
Diane: "And when that fails, we can start a subcommittee to study the economic impact?"

It's a tie -- David Lee browbeats someone named "Debbie" to stop sucking up to Diane, but Alicia feels no such pressure -- so Diane nominates Will to head the subcommittee.

Item Two: We need a new investigator to work with Kalinda.
Pro: Kalinda is great and deserves help, although who knows how you help Kalinda.
Con: Blake Effing Calamar.
Alicia: Like, the sole abstaining person because she doesn't want anybody crowding Kalinda even though she is great and deserves help.

After David Lee makes fun of her and everybody leaves, Alicia asks Diane if she can be on that subcommittee, and after the whole Cary Thing -- and apparently thinking they are back to being best buds -- Diane finds it necessary to rather gently point out that Alicia is an equity partner, which means total fairness which obviously you're getting with Alicia, but also she has to lie to Kalinda's face until they work this all out, which obviously is going to make her crawl out of her skin.

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