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How Are You A Person?

L/G: "Train her."
Kalinda: "In WHAT?"
L/G: "In what you do. The Kalinda Way. Kalindering. You know, like having super powers and stuff."
Kalinda: "This sounds like one thousand percent bullshit."
L/G: "Think of it as a favor. A mandatory one."


Diane: "Why is fuckin' everybody givin' me fuckin' grief today? I swear to God you assholes all got together and said Hey, Diane looks like she's one cracked nail from going completely fucking berserk, let's see what we can do to really rev up and just shove her off the cliff. Anybody got Maddie Christing Hayward's cell phone number? Perhaps Hayden Clarke's got some ideas..."
Will: "Baby baby baby. Chill, baby. Our family is growing. Let me sing to you the native songs of my people."

He sings the theme song of Growing Pains, but you know I can't handle it when people sing, so I just zoomed right past that nightmare. I'm assuming Diane was indulgently grossed out but let it continue anyway, because she does love being soothed and calmed down. Especially by her best friend in the entire universe.


Robyn Burdine: "I'm Robyn Burdine! I can tell by your boots and how you are magical that you are Kalinda Sharma!"
Kalinda: "Holy. Shit."
Robyn Burdine: "I know! What were they thinking?"
Kalinda: "You were a Treasury agent? Not like the Treasurer of your local Amy Poehler fan club but like... The Department Of The?"
Robyn Burdine: "I am outclassed and outmatched in terms of clothing. These lawyers are dressed to the nines! And here I am at sixes and sevens. Literally, in a Garanimals I take a 6-7. I just take a Hippo and match it to another Hippo and I'm good for the day. But I long for more! Take me shopping, Lady! Teach me to drive! Robyn Burdine!"

Cary: "What is this going on now?"
Robyn Burdine: "I'm Robyn Burdine! And I'm here to investigate the shit out of some mysteries! YEAH!"
Kalinda: "Don't start. What's going on."
Cary: "DNA under the fingernails. Liz is holding it over Roja's head, so we need to knock it out."
Kalinda: "Cool."

She then fully leads Robyn Burdine out into the hallway like they're going to go do that, then turns a 180 and comes back, closing the door behind her. Of course we know this is about Seth DeLuca, but anybody else would probably get pretty offended. Almost anybody else, I mean.

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The Good Wife




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