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Punchface: "Ladies. I sure am interested in whether or not Mr. Bishop gets out of jail, but for reasons we don't need to be dealing with. Like the why of my face problems -- here, and over here on the other side -- it must remain a bitter mystery."
Robyn Burdine: "Obviously your security cameras would be coincidentally inoperative that night, but what about the front gate? That's electronic, right? Somebody buzzes you in?"


Alicia: "Okay, so... You said you were alone at the horse farm, at exactly murder o'clock."
Bishop: "It calms me down to be alone at the horse farm. Specifically alone, with no dipshitty facial hair situations bumming me out."
Alicia: "But like, you buzzed somebody in a half-hour before that? And that would really help us nail down your alibi if you could just..."
Bishop: "Nope. Nerp. Stop. Stop right there. Not an option."
Alicia: "Whoa, okay. Was this a big secret meeting? Like with ... associates from ... another organization? That maybe would murder you for saying their name?"
Bishop: "Uh yeah, for starters, and then if I admit on the stand to meeting with them I'll lose Dylan anyway..."

They stop before they get things so ramped up that you start thinking it's like the Taliban or something, but not by much. I'm gonna say Latin Kings, because that's the one I know of. I would know more, I would be able to name more, except I don't really watch any TV shows about drug dealers. Not even like Cake Boss.

Lester: "So I guess we need to brutally murder your sister then, huh?"
Us Guys: "Whoa, what?"
Bishop: "You mean, terminate her employ. As my son's guardian."
Lester: "Yeah, of course. You guys are so weird! It's funny. It's cute, really. Cute. Anyway, I have to go do something real quick so you guys can just call it a night if you want."


Cary: "Thanks for Kalindering that whole horse farm thing. That might help, on the marginal chance Judy lives to see another day."
Kalinda: "Sure, cool."
Cary: "Ummmm. Oh, and I talked to Seth DeLuca, shut him up."
Kalinda: "Good, I'm glad."
Cary: "Yeahhhh, so like... I mean, thanks for warning me. Vociferously."
Kalinda: "All in a day's work."
Cary: "No, you think I'm cute."

Kalinda: "Sure, when you're setting fires in your office and pissing in ficuses in front of Mom and Dad I think you're great. Do you not realize how long it's been since you truly reveled in being a little shit?"

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The Good Wife




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