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How Are You A Person?

Cary: "Cool, so like... Here comes my face!"
Kalinda: "Whoa, bro! Act like you've been there."
Cary: "Is this because I'm a lesbian?"

It sort of deteriorates after that, but in a cute way. Like I mean, he's not even drunk yet, he's just intense and feeling his oats and it's fabulous. He can't tell, but we actually can tell that she's into it, especially once he starts saying Shit Boys Say like, "You know, what's so pretty is your hair. It hangs off your head, downward. I love that."

And then maybe they hook up? She bites her lip, which is like a regular woman crawling around on her hands and knees and growling like a tiger, or whirling her blouse around and around over her head like a helicopter -- or whatever it is ladies do, I'm no expert, but I will say it could give your fella a thrill if you tried it, who knows, sounds like a gas -- and then the next morning they're kind of giggly, but it might be the kind of giggly where she had herself what you call a Cary Agos dream at some point during the night.


Lester: "Hey Judy, do you mind if I come in and murder you real quick?"
Judy: "No problem, come on in. But I have to go testify against your client, my brother, pretty soon, so make it snappy."

L + G

Will: "Drink this with me."
Diane: "Fine. To beating bankruptcy."
Will: "And also, because I know you better than anyone on earth, here is the firm's sign from the 27th floor. I know that one really hurt you, so I saved this out of the dumpster because I knew we'd come back one day soon."
Diane: "But also, you know, it was pretty close. Our lives, our careers, everything could easily have ended."
Will: "Well yes."
Diane: "I can't believe I got you to admit that. Can we agree we don't want that again? We'll balance each other out and not let them drive us apart or gang up on us?"
Will: "We've been through it now, too. We're smarter and wilier and stronger. We have zero moral compass, even Alicia is fucking knocking over liquor stores these days."
Diane: "I like to think that will help, but..."
Will: "Trust me, it matters."
Diane: "You know I'm changing my vote, right? We can have all three floors again?"
Will: "Yeah, I could kinda tell when you opened my Will Gardner-level manipulative present."

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The Good Wife




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