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Diane: "You're supposed to say it wouldn't matter, you heathen. You don't have to if you don't want to."
Will: "Of course. That wouldn't even be a lie. But I'm very glad you did."

Clink. Lockhart & Gardner, forever and ever.


Alicia: "I stayed up all night looking for precedents to knock out Judy's testimony, and I found it! Yeah! And I still look fuckin' flawless! BLADOW! Get ready for me, Liz Lawrence! Because I am about to freak you the..."
Judge Bebe: "Don't bother. Judy recanted her recantment."
Alicia: "But my brief! It was the shizzzzzzzz!"
Judge Bebe: "I'm sure, but listen. Your client is free to go."

Which of course Alicia shits her britches about, because Lester probably beat Judy to death or something, but on the other hand: He was innocent of the crime. She did her job. Lester did his job, which is some bullshit but is not her job. Her job was to get him out of jail, within the law, and that's what she did. She had the brief right there that woulda done it. At every turn, Alicia knew she could use the law to accomplish what Bishop and his organization didn't think they could get out of the system. At every turn, she did the work and it didn't matter, because they got the same result.

Stare Liz Lawrence in the face, sorry about the black Escalade but eff you for being awful. Tell Judy you're sorry, for something that maybe didn't even happen and you just invented it in your scared mind. These things are not your deal. Your deal is, do your job. Did anybody get hurt? Nope. Did she slack off once she figured out that Lester was going to part the seas for her, like Moses, right before every witness? No, quite the opposite -- she doubled down. And so then, did the course of the law change because of anything she did? No. Same people, same circumstances, same outcome. Maybe true, maybe not, but she wouldn't ever think it, because did her best. And that's something only she can know for sure, but it's Alicia we're talking about: Same winning outcome, legally obtained or otherwise.

Trickier: Did the course of law change because of anything she didn't do? Not really. She had no more proof of Lester's actions than Liz did, or -- and this is key, because this is a great episode, in terms of craft, and you should really think about this because they tried really hard to make this central -- we do. Lester did 100 sketchy things, but he touched nobody and he offered not a single threat. What we see, what Alicia sees, what Liz saw, is a string of very obvious coincidences. Luck continuing to go our way.

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