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Bishop, verbatim: "Can you believe it? They might convict me for the one thing I didn't do!"
Alicia: "Brrrr. See, that's exactly the shit I'm talking about."


Will tosses himself down in Diane's client chair, like a pissed-off little kid in timeout, and she's just like, "Here we go."

Will: "Thanks for volunteering me for a subcommittee on the thing I already said I wanted."
Diane: "It's all good, man. Deadlock, this is how we do it."
Will, who is not wrong: "No, you're filibustering."
Diane: "One of has to be the chill one."
Will: "Says the lady who wanted to destroy Canning so bad you started talking about expanding to New York..."
Diane: "Yeah, well. I was angry."
Will: "So get angry! Stay angry! I love that!"
Diane: "As much as you don't want to hear this, we are not rebels. We are not even gamblers. We are business owners, responsible for the livelihoods of 300 people. Look, Stern always said when you're fighting your partner, you gotta look at the mission statement. So let's write a new mission statement together, and define who we are. And then we can look at it."


Watch a video wherein Lemond Bishop toasts their inflated membership sales at a staff meeting -- and where poor dead Christina Diaz can clearly be seen, despite Bishop's claims he never even met the girl. Somehow the amount of fun and flirty and awesome they are being in this scene is only heightened by the gruesome sociopathic shit they are saying while they do it. Or I just missed this as much we all did.

Cary: "Um, okay. So clearly she was sitting right there, drinking champagne. Do they know about this tape?"
Kalinda: "It's just a copy."
Cary: "No, I know. But we don't need to bring it up or anything."
Kalinda: "So, just hope they don't find the moment and connect the people. That'll work, at least until I do a Kalindering somehow. Or he scares our star witness off once she recants and becomes theirs, which is already pretty clearly what's going to happen."


Alicia: "What do you think Charles Lester is going to be like?"
Cary: "I'm picturing Annabella Sciorra crossed with like, a power lifter. Who only has one eye. Or the bottom of his face is just metal. What was that Mickey Rourke movie where he looked all..."

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The Good Wife




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