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How Are You A Person?

DeLuca: "Look, you're cute, I'm gonna give it to you straight. Lately I don't feel beloved."
Kalinda: "Okay. How can we make you feel all special again?"
DeLuca: "In [my experience/the exact words probably of Cary Agos], the larger the firm, the harder it is to change their behavior. It's not about teaching an old dog new tricks, it's about teaching a big dog! To... Whatever the metaphor would be."
Kalinda: "Oh, a smaller dog, huh? Like a tiny little dog? Sexy as all get out, perhaps? With dimples and an ass you could pop a quarter off of, and those piercing blue eyes full of promises and seductions and an ever-present twinkle inviting you into a private joke that only the two of you share?"
DeLuca: "B-I-N-G-O."


Alicia: "That's cool how we're meeting the next witness in this bowling alley where you're just randomly wearing sunglasses. Like a total maniac. Listen, I looked into your background..."
Lester: "That sounds ominous. But for whom."
Alicia, to instant glib freaky answers: "A lawyer for 25 years, but you've never tried a case. Never written a brief. No firm, not even an office. One client for the last ten years. And before Bishop, Anthony Grozzi for twelve, until he got murdered. So like, what do you actually do?"
Lester: "Hang out with my wife. Chill at this bowling alley, take care of Lemond Bishop. It's like Old Dude Nora Roberts. Just quiet and cozy and fun and boring and sweet. One might compare me to Abraham Lincoln, another small-town lawyer with a small-time practice."
Alicia: "You just deliberately stomped on my bullshit detector. Listen, you little creep. I can win this case."
Lester: "I didn't say you couldn't."
Alicia: "He is innocent. I can prove it. Using the law."
Lester: "Sounds swell!"
Alicia: "Brrrr."

Witness: "Hey guys, thanks for meeting me here at this bowling alley where I bring my kids once a week. I didn't see anybody kill anybody, I just saw Mr. Bishop get into this same car where they found the body that time."
Lester: "Your kids are so cute! Do you [mind if I kill them and they never find the bodies so you never know for sure if they are dead] also find them so cute?"

Alicia: "What the FUCK."
Lester: "I wasn't threatening his kids, don't be crazy! And anyway, he's not changing his story so I guess I'm not as scary as you seem to think I am. Later, lady!"

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The Good Wife




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