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Plucky muckraking journalist Mandy Post nearly lost her job thanks to Kalinda's hard work on catching Eli's latest campaign monstrosity, Indira Starr, in a heap of crazy and lies. Mystery bajillionaire and busy busy businesswoman Maddie Hayward lurked, forming dark plans in the billion-dollar head behind her beautiful face. Bitchily heroic/heroically bitchy Trustee Hayden Clarke revealed a variety of yearnings while Cary found himself once again accidentally getting Machiavellian, not unlike the scorpion in a famous folk tale I heard once. Oh, and Nick found creepy surveillance of Kalinda and Eli in Lana's apartment, so Kalinda dumped her again.


Maddie Hayward: "I'm a busy busy businesswoman, how about you?"
JAG Judge Kuhn: "More of a servy-servy servicewoman, actually."
Mandy Post: "I used to be a plucky journalist. Now I'm more of a rogue axe-grinder holding on by a thread."
Maddie Hayward: "Busy businesswoman, of whatever stripe, must shoulder our busy business together. I too, on occasion, rock the side pony. Girl power."

They are so busy! All the ladies in Reception! Put your hands up!

Nick Savarese: "I am neither busy nor a businesswoman. But I sure do have fucked up ideas about how men and women ought to relate. You! Random fellow! Arise from your seat to let the busy businesswomen rest their high-heeled dogs. For they are busy."
Busy Businesswoman: "That's really not necessary. Especially considering you look and talk exactly like the gay sociopath in every Guy Ritchie movie."
Nick: "I served in Basra!"
JAG Judge Kuhn: "Thanks for your service."
Nick: "Are you starting shit with me?"
JAG Judge Kuhn: "I am the coolest cat you will ever fucking meet. I assure you, I am not starting shit. But I can put an end to it if you want."

Alicia: "Mr. Savarese, come away from those wonderful women. And Mandy Post."


L/G: "So Mr. Savarese, I have some bad news that is actually very good news."
Nick: "Oh no! I won't be able to relocate to Chicago! But what about my fabulous and fascinating storyline where I drink Perrier in a scary way and occasionally get blowjobs?"
L/G: "A rare misfire, I'm afraid."
Nick: "So these people who finished first, I bet they cheated. I should have won! I had a token black guy!"

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