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Kalinda: "Why are you smiling like that? It's intense."
Cary: "Just partner stuff. And by that I mean stuff between me and a partner in this firm, not that I am playing everybody because I cannot help myself. Hey, you know that tiny hot untrustworthy blond man you're like constantly destroying? Not me, the other one."
Kalinda: "Oh God, what now?"
Cary: "I found out that one of the partners in the winning bidder was an ex-government employee, by a year and fifty-one weeks of the mandatory two-year exclusivity clause. So their bid was invalid by one week. Nobody will notice if we don't say anything..."
Kalinda: "You mean we have the option of not informing our client that we have accomplished the objective for which we were hired?"
Cary: "Kalinda, clearly I am giving you this like a bouquet of wonderful roses. I may not know the deets of your connection to Nick Savarese, but I'm not an idiot. Tell me to forget this."
Kalinda: "But then I would owe you. Maybe there's a third, even more Kalinda way to solve this. I'll get back to you. Assuming anybody lives through my plan, whatever it turns out to be."


Peter: "Mom, this is Cristian!"
Cristian: "Cristian is fabulous today!"
Jackie: "This is clearly a dude. A beautiful one."
Cristian: "A man can be a nurse! It is the '90s!"
Jackie: "Even a Mexican?"
Cristian: "Cristian is Cuban! And fabulous!"
Jackie: "How much is my son paying you? In American dollars."
Cristian: "Forty an hour, forty-five on the road. Bonus if Cristian has to tackle you in the middle of doing something fucked up and doesn't break any of your brittle bird bones."

Jackie: "...Peter, I hate this Mexican."
Cristian: "You haven't given Cristian a chance!"
Jackie: "Don't eavesdrop, Cristian!"
Cristian: "Then gossip quieter, you old bitch!"
Peter: "Cristian is fabulous today!"

Seriously, his doubletake off Cristian's smackdown was maybe the zenith of all Chris Noth's three and some-odd years in this complex, oft-thankless role. Just beautiful. Like the sun coming out. Then Jackie and Cristian give each other the most insane side-eye, almost as intense than that one time with Alicia at the hair salon where it was like 60/40 Jackie was packing heat.

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