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The Captain & I

Eli: "If you say the name Will Gardner to me right now I will punch you in the nuts."
Alicia: "God, no. Gross, Eli, why are you like so obsessed with that? No, just things like how I feel about Peter, about being in the public eye. About issues I think he's weak on. Oh, and like campaign strategies, old Grand Jury testimony, the history of every case he ever prosecuted as State's Attorney, the thing about the cops funneling drug money... You know, just girlfriend stuff."
Eli: "I'm gonna need to fully debrief you like whoa."
Alicia: "I know, that's why I came here instead of just 'phoning' you."

But right now everybody's super busy staring a hole in Cristian, who is working Jackie Florrick's shit like he's Gabby Douglas and she's the uneven bars. At one point he refers to her as "Robocop" and tells her to put her goddamn glasses on, and she laughs like a girl and it's so, so wonderful.

Jackie: "Cristian is, in fact, fabulous today!"


Alicia: "So the reason we're running to Mommy about this is that the witness who may have observed the attack is a Sergeant Wade Compton, who is still serving in Afghanistan..."
Hellinger: "...So we can't subpoena him, Colonel, and the command is rebuffing our efforts to transfer him home to testify..."
Judge Kuhn: "I know all of this. I'm Judge Kuhn."
Hellinger: "So we gotta get going! Kalinda this shit!"
Judge Kuhn: "You've clearly been changed by the outside world, Captain. You know I can't do that."
Alicia: "But you have shown such sympathy for..."
Kuhn: "Florrick. I have more sympathy than you can understand. I lived through fucking Tailhook, okay. But this goes beyond my ability."
Hellinger: "Got it."
Alicia: "Wait, what?"

Kuhn: "Spit it out, Alicia. You're the only Muggle I even kind of like."
Alicia: "You have to see what's going on here. The Army doesn't want her to win, they're siding with Martinel because they don't want their contractor undercut..."
Kuhn: "Yeah."
Alicia: "She's being pressured to quit! Did you know that?"
Kuhn: "No, but it's obvious."
Kuhn: "Stop playing on my emotions. This is the thing you aren't getting. I know exactly what you're saying. I know that you are right. Doesn't matter."

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