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"Sergeant Wade Compton. Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan. I serve as liaison with private contractors during training..."

Alicia: "So given your proximity to Waters and Hellingers' offices, did you have occasion to hear anything unusual..."
Alicia: "It's an admission against [his own] interest. Sergeant Compton's job depends on positive reports from Mr. Waters, his superior, so anything negative that he says is therefore an exception to hearsay."
Compton: "I heard voices, Captain Hellinger and Mr. Waters, arguing. Uh, Mr. Waters wanted to have sex with Captain Hellinger and she resisted his advances. I heard them struggle. I think he ripped her clothes, and she kicked him, and then he called her a bitch. A nasty bitch, I think is what he said. And then she ran out of there."

And why not come forward? Because Waters is friends with his CO, and as liaison he's half a boss. Nobody's clean, but it's happening now.

Bucky: "So you seem clear on the events. Do you remember what time it was you heard this attack?"
Compton: "I email with my girlfriend at midnight, because of the time difference. I remember I was waiting for the return message, about 0015."
Bucky: "Uh, that's fifteen minutes after Waters' reserve deployment orders were issued. He was on active duty."
Alicia: "Fuck this, Your Honor!"
Abernathy: "Sorry, no. You proved the attack..."
Waters: "Did not!"
Abernathy: "...Ahem. But it happened after he was officially in the Army, which takes us back to Feres. If you can't prove a different timeline, I have to dismiss the case."


Hellinger: "Uh, I wasn't watching the clock, I was trying to get out of there without getting raped."
Diane: "I know. But that doesn't matter. What matters is how long it went on. You said he was harassing you in the MWR? And then followed you back to the office. Like maybe it was one of those rapes that went on for a really long time all over the place."
Hellinger: "I don't know about those."
Alicia: "It's not lying so much as..."
Diane: "More fully remembering a past event."
Alicia: "It sounds like a rationalization, but really it's not. Like, we're talking realpolitik now, we're women and we know what being a woman is. You were hit on in the bar. You pushed him off. Maybe even laughed. Not because it was funny, but because it's the easiest way to make him go away."

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