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What if they offered to open their books to an independent accounting firm, as a goodwill gesture? It's a good idea... But would still be -- in Will's words -- exposing themselves on a subway platform, without necessarily a good reason. Diane laughs at his "colorful and pointless" metaphor, and they giggle about the British Invasion, and the whole thing is instantly defused, because I don't know if I mentioned this but Will Gardner? Cold motherfucker. You climb high enough you can't even trust your own perceptions anymore.


Kalinda shows Eli pictures of Gunn's candidate, ex-Senator Harold Burke, which she got by tracking Mickey, and then him engaging in the usual shenannygans. At least it's a woman this time. Check. And just when you're thinking you're about to see the most epic bromance of all time bloom, Eli goes, "How do I know you?" and she says, "You don't. I just have one of those faces." There's something on her one of those faces that says there's more to it, because God knows if it's Kalinda there's some fucked-up thing happening that we don't know about, and it's kind of sad. But Eli doesn't know that yet, so we get to bask just a little bit.


Zach, who has been enjoying Peter of late, finally just asks before dinner why Alicia's even divorcing him or whatever, kicking him out, and Peter tries very hard to not answer the question. What has Alicia told them? "She wanted to make the marriage work, but it didn't." Which is not, of course, enough for future-FBI spook Zach, because you don't kick someone out for no reason. Peter mans up a little.

Peter: "I wasn't always good to your mom Zach. But that was a long time ago. And she stayed. It wasn't just... There were other things... I hurt your mom with other things."

You can actually see Zach's antennae go up, because it's Peter's infidelity that always makes 'em go up, but luckily Grace starts yelling about the computer being broken in the other room, so Peter's safe. For now. Although if Alicia keeps playing fast-and-loose with this whole American Revolution, Zach might fixate on that instead. Mostly I just like how easy the kids are taking it. The past two years of their lives have been a rehearsal for this, while Alicia and Peter's have been a rehearsal and a performance of the opposite of this, so it makes sense that the parents are the ones being weird. Which will inevitably make the kids get weird, of course, in response. All very realistic.

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