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LG, née Lockhart/Gardner, is taking over the map! And doing this by any desperate means necessary, now that the roguish vitality lent its name partners by the events of five episodes ago. That means iffy associates -- like the formerly firmless Damian Doyle -- and even iffier practices, as taskgroups work to alienate Florrick/Agos's clients and find bigger, scarier ones of their own. Governor-Elect Peter Florrick's upcoming inauguration is overshadowed by Eli's secret wars against First Mother Jackie and Ethics Queen Marilyn Garbanza, but now that Sweet F/A has some scruffy offices to call home, Alicia's staying out of it (unless it helps her out).

100 (MPH)

Kalinda, to the sound of holy choirs, guns her engine through the streets, following a very savvy Damian as instructed by Diane during his accelerated hiring process. We don't really see him during this chase, grinning his mad Irish grin, but rest assured he knows what's happening. Imagine his delight, then, when she comes careening around a corner to find him dashing across the street... To the former t-shirt factory that is now home to Sweet F/A itself.

Kalinda: "Damian's doing something weird."
Diane: "What else is new. What crime family is it this time?"
Kalinda: "Not the Gerraghtys. As far as I can tell he's done with them..."
Diane: "So then who? What hive of villainous scum is he..."
Kalinda: "It's that law firm we don't talk about."
Diane: "Do you think he's jumping ship? You know how those dicks are."
Kalinda: "I'll stay on it."

Will: "Diane! Diane Diane Diane! New York City is nearly a go!"
Diane: "Yes, it's very exciting. You know where your boy Damian is right now?"
Will: "My 'boy'? I think you mean 'our newest partner,' or possibly 'Will's latest fantastic idea.'"
Diane: "Well, right now he's fantastically chilling at that law firm we don't talk about."
Will: "He's probably just doing some David Lee mind games bullshit to prove his worth. He's kind of like a housecat that brings you mouse heads, have you noticed that?"
Diane: "Yeah or like tiny mouse furniture."


Damian: "I have arrived! Not to steal your mouse furniture but to practice law!"
Alicia: "No. Get out of here. I hate you, and I hate that you've usurped my #1 MOM status with your strange Gaelic magic. My meeting is with David Lee."

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