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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma
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On the worst day for him to pull this, Mike Kresteva openly went after Alicia, as Peter's weakest link, during the upcoming gubernatorial race. Between this and Jackie's bullshit, Alicia decided to say fuck it, and go into the race with her Good Wife hat on. And while provisionally forgiving people, she managed to get Cary back on staff at Lockhart/Lyman -- and even pulled up a chair for good old Kalinda.


Alicia fusses with her beer, while Kalinda just grins to herself and waits to see what happens next.

Kalinda: "I'm not just randomly here. Cary asked me to come..."
Alicia: "No problem no problem at all hey, the IRA agreed to chill out about your case if you just..."
Kalinda: "You mean the IRS. Listen, I'm not gay."
Alicia, signaling for a tequila shot: "...Um, okay?"
Kalinda: "You asked."
Alicia: "Yeah, like two years ago."
Kalinda: "Well, I wanted to answer. I'm flexible.*"
Alicia: "I kind of figured that out when you fu... Um. Hey, so does that mean you and FBI Agent Lana Delaney..."
Kalinda: "Kinda yes, kinda no, but it does play a part in the mystery there."

*("What that means, if you've never seen a TV show before, is that by episode's end I'm probably going to sleep with a dude.")

Alicia gets a text about an ongoing case, which is coming in tomorrow probably; Kalinda says it's good they're finishing up, but Alicia has a weird feeling. I wonder if her weird feeling will turn out to be correct?


Not to be confused, I guess, with Judge Winter? For a show where this stuff matters, it should matter all the time and not just sometimes. It's been hard enough just trying to keep them straight.

Judge: "Diane, nice to see you. I hope Will's doing okay."
Diane: "He's like a kid with five days left 'til Christmas!"

Louis Canning -- which could account for the weird feeling right there -- privately crosses out his settlement offer of $1.3M and ups it to $4M, given this easygoing rapport, but then randomly the Judge enters his decision for the plaintiff -- who alleges sterility after using this acne medication Canning's defending -- and whom the Judge finds so sympathetic ("heinous" is the word he uses for Canning's client) that he ups L/L's ask of $18M all the way up to $25M. Canning whines, the Judge assures the plaintiff that regardless of Canning's appeal he did justice today, and the courtroom erupts.

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