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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma

Goodbye, wonderful apartment. Goodbye, girlfriends I hurt and boyfriends I hurt more. Goodbye, best friend I ever had. Goodbye, life I fucked up again.

Goodbye, Kalinda Sharma.


Alicia's snuggled down on the couch with Grace and Zach -- whom it's nice to see! -- watching that tornado movie with Helen Hunt and Bill Pullman when she gets the call. They're talking about the house and the apartment and upkeep on condos and whether she'll buy the condo -- maybe, she does like it -- or the house -- no way -- and how her raise at L/? isn't the end of things because if they downsize she doesn't want to be the most expensive third-year, and she never even thought about that until today, and this and that.

Grace: "We should all live in the house, together. Not like you're married..."
Alicia: "Uh..."
Grace: "But like a commune."
Alicia: "Heh. You are likeable on occasion."
Grace: "And Zach?"
Alicia: "No, he's getting too big."

She's tickling her son when the phone rings.

Alicia: "Hellooo?"
F&E: "Alicia Florrick."

She hangs up immediately; takes a breath before she calls back to the kids that it's not work, don't worry about it; gets Kalinda's voicemail immediately. The wind's picking up.


Kalinda's not at work the next day. A million Nyholm kids in the halls, but no Kalinda. She's just gone.

Patti: "Did you interact with Judge Wynter at all during the acne case?"
Alicia: "Nope!"
Patti: "But somebody you know has a relationship with him, right? Your husband. Who met with him three times that week before the $25M verdict. And you don't know this?"
Alicia: "No idea about this."
Diane: "What does this have to do with anything? What, are you going to subpoena the State's Attorney?"
Louis: "We already did."


Peter runs up just in time to get stuck in there alone with Will. It's awkward. Will pushes the button over and over, until eventually it starts buzzing, which Peter finds darkly hilarious.

Will: "Um. Seeing Alicia?"
Peter: "Am I 'seeing' Alicia? No, I'm being deposed. Although it occurs to me I've never seen where my wife works..."
Will: "Deposed, huh."
Peter: "So, you must be excited about getting back to work?"

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