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Last season, Diane and Will got Lockhart, Gardner back and then allowed Eli Gold to set up shop in-house. Alicia got a corner office and Peter got reelected as State's Attorney, two happy moments overshadowed by the revelation that Kalinda slept with Peter several years ago. While Peter allied with Cary like some kind of supervillain group, Alicia: Bitched out her mother-in-law, kicked K out of her heart and Peter out of the apartment, and finally hooked up with Will Gardner.

I guess we're meant to assume wrongly that (or at least wonder whether) we're picking up the very next day. That's lovely for the thrill of watching, but doesn't really help in written form, so let's just say that it's not the next morning: Today is Alicia's first day in her new office, Peter's first day in his old office.

Alicia's got hot bangs and additionally such a sexual confidence about her that Chris Isaak's "Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing" starts playing the second she's getting off the elevator.

(Tyler The Creator: "Somebody tell Alicia Florrick that I want my fucking swag back.")

As Alicia is arriving and we are getting a contact high from whatever she has going on, Diane's being treated to some gross violent jingo viral video about "Get Hamas Off-Campus" by the crazy hot Wasim Al-Said, who is a rich friend of Diane's that's had Young, Bachman & Meyers (a competitor but not one of the major ones we know about) on retainer for a while. Now he's at Lockhart, Gardner because of this video. Sort of.

Seems that a scheduled interfaith rally turned into a free-for-all, and Wasid thinks this is because of the video sent around campus by, he believes or assumes, The Jewish frat TKT. But of the dozen of kids involved, only one youngster is being charged: A Palestinian kid named Jimal Mifsud. A science-scholarship youth whose parents are in Jiddah and can't afford a lawyer (and, we'll learn, don't even know about any of this).

While the asymmetry is disconcerting, it's still just misdemeanor battery, which will end up with like court supervision at most... Except that Peter -- it being his first day as State's Attorney -- is charging it as a hate crime, which puts it at more like seven years. That's where we're at when Alicia shows up, having done one bad, bad thing or another:

Wasid: "Mrs. Florrick..."
Alicia: "Alicia's fine. You can totally call me Alicia right now. Firstly because it shows you're a special client, but secondly because I did a bad, bad thing."
Wasid: "Okay, listen. Your husband's always been chill with the Muslims, right?"
Alicia: "Um..."
Wasid: "Because he is burning us. He is burning our asses with this shit."
Diane: "Okay well obviously Alicia can't influence him. I mean, ethically she never could, but they are both right now in the process of doing bad, bad things."
Alicia: "Um, plus I'm a really good lawyer, which is why I'm here. I'll go to his bond hearing in a sec."

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